chapter ten: seeing in the Holy Spirit


Although Jack was still unsure of the application part, he was making positive spiritual progress in heeding to the Holy Spirit. He continued to spend time in the presence of God and began to see visions often during worship. He also reviewed his personal goals. When he first started this spiritual journey of intercessions he merely wanted to perform a religious duty for the church. However, the quest transformed him as he sought God. The Holy Spirit had led him to seek after God so that he could know God more.

Hearing from God 2 –seeing pictures

I continued to seek God in the morning regardless of my inability to get up on time. I managed to wake around 5 am but have indulged in lingering in bed until 6 am and got up around 6.15 am. (Sigh)

Anyway, I persisted in my ritual which had gone on for about a month. I focused on my goals which are to know God more and hear from Him or see visions He wants me to see. I normally started with reading the wordings of one or two praise and worship songs as I forgot how to sing the tune. After that I prayed. During the last three days I had run out of things about the city to pray for, so I asked God to show me. Yesterday being a Lord’s Day, I prayed for my church and the way the last two Holy Communions was conducted. The respective elder who conducted the communion was so distracted by the last song sung that both of them forgot to mention the blood and the body of Christ! These went on for two consecutive weeks! I prayed that this omission would not happen this week. However I did not manage to attend yesterday as I had to accompany my wife to a medical equipment store to buy stuff for her invalid father.

I believe that worship and praise songs should more focus on the Lord and not on us. According to the Bible, the Holy Communion should focus on what Jesus had done and not what we shall do for Him!

If we want to talk about ourselves, we need not do that in church. We can go to a social function and talk as much as we like. A church is meant for worship and praise and minister to God.

A social function can minister to all else.

Besides praying for the city/church, I prayed for revelation for me from the Lord. Waiting for response I kept my eyes closed and focused. I shall try to record below what I saw during the last two days.

Yesterday: I saw Jesus (as perceived by me) holding something, like rulers (?), and then the verse “enter into my rest” came into my mind. Then I saw myself kneeling down on a flight of steps. The steps led to a throne on which the Lord was sitting. At first I thought I was alone so I cried out and was worried (not knowing it was a good or bad sign). Then I saw a great multitude of people similarly kneeling down in front of the Lord. Countless number of people were bowing before the Lord, worshipping Him /praying.

Last night: I went to the Prayers House to worship the Lord and during worship I knelt down and held out my palms. I saw Jesus holding a bag full of something with their ends sticking out and they were made of feathers. I thought they were arrows. Then Jesus put one in my right palm. It turned out to be a quill pen. He also put something in my left palm. They were gold. But I had no verses entering my mind so I could not interpret this vision.

Today: this morning I saw Jesus with an open scroll, full of small prints. He was talking and pointing to the words with an angel. I could not see the angel but in my mind I thought there was an angel and Jesus was instructing him.

Then I saw a tall Mongolian or Eastern European costumed warrior, with a battle axe in his hand. After that there was a giant holding a whip (as in a circus) with his upper torso bare. But there was no lion or tiger around. The word “chastisement” entered my mind.

Then Jesus pointed to a box full of black seeds. Verses came to my mind about the enemy (devil) sowing tares among the good seeds (wheat) that God has planted and the Lord let them grow until the harvest by which time the angels will gather the tares and burn them. (Matt.13: 14-30)

After that I saw a very small Chinese boy (in traditional costume) kneeling down, praying in an empty court yard. Some chicken were pecking the ground and an eagle rising and soaring from their midst into the sky above.

What does all this mean? I have no verses. I just record them and wait.

AAA Jack


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