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Jack has been practicing for quite sometime and is able to hear God in certain ways. Of course he missed the still small voice most of the times and discarded what God has said to him in his heart. After the event happened he regretted. For example, the Holy Spirit reminded suddenly that he needed to make a phone call to ask his staff to top up his parking fee (by sixty cents). He chose to ignore that prompting. When he went to the car park five minutes later, he realized that he had received a notice to pay $30.00 as fine! He could only kick himself for not listening to the Holy Spirit.

More significant example was the purchase of a stock when the market was down and panic was everywhere. He was led to read Jeremiah being asked to buy a piece of land in the midst of the city being captured by the enemy army. Then he was led to buy a stock. It was a step of faith of learning to listen to and obey the Holy Spirit. Nine months later, he made a 27% profit in capital gain in addition to dividend received.

Little steps meant a lot to him. He is now more confident of listening to God in the spirit. God is Spirit. He can only listen to God through his spirit. it takes training and practice over a period of time.
But the persistence is worth it.

Journal day 86: hearing God’s words (practical novice guide)
I have learned through unusual (sometimes ridiculous) ways in my endeavor to hear God’s words. So I decide to sum up what I have learned for information and encouragement. Every person must learn to find his own way. When you see how God is so ever ready to be found, you will be comforted and motivated to seek to know God.
Jesus has portrayed God on earth. The best way to start to know God is to read everything about Jesus. Look carefully at Jesus. Read what Jesus says many times until you become familiar with what Jesus says. Read with the single goal of knowing Jesus. Pray that the Holy Spirit guides you.

When I first read Jesus seriously at the beginning of this series of record, I had a difficult time because I was not spiritual at all. I “knew” the Holy Spirit only in my head, not in my spirit. I used my head to read and thought I knew all about the words of God. It seemed a straightforward project like any others. How wrong I was.
However, as I progressed and persevered, things happened. I was changed. A number of things helped.

1. I bought a new Bible (New King James Version, Giant print, words of Christ in red) just for the quest. I started afresh, un-influenced by my past perception, like and dislike. Verses appear now as though I never read them before.

2. I write down notes.

3. As I receive new insights (words, verses, pictures/visions, dreams, hymns, songs, and messages from third parties) I record them (not always immediately as I felt lazy to get up from bed and so missed the chance). But what I had recorded helped me to know God more.

4. I pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit, ponder over the thoughts and search the Bible. I sometimes chew on the thoughts for days and wait for confirmation. When confirmation comes I would believe that my earlier thought comes from the Holy Spirit.

5. I practice what that I have learned from godly people. I practice until I find my own way.

6. I changed my life priorities, my goals, my perspectives. In fact, it was the Lord, I believe, who initiated the changes. As I put my quest before Him, He intervened supernaturally, put me on the right path and gave me the strength to carry through.

An entrepreneur told me that when he dreamed of new inventions or bits and pieces of new things, he would jump out of bed, draw the pictures, and jot down notes without delay. He is a shrewd business man who endeavors to keep track of his human thoughts to develop them into something ‘profitable’.

Much more we should keep track and make good use of the supernatural truth from heaven that the Holy Spirit put into our minds, and confirmed by the Bible. The businessman gropes in the uncertain market to find his way. But we have a sure guide and guarantee from the Holy Spirit. We have the certainty of the manual (the Bible) too.
The Holy Spirit guides by ways that He thinks will best suit each individual.

Pray you find the right key.

AAA Jack
May 27, 2009



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