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The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and He will only guide Jack as Jack sought Him out. The Holy Spirit never forced Himself on anyone. This is Jack’s discovery in his quest of living Biblically and in the Spirit. The exciting thing about being a Spirit-filled Christian is that he is no longer two-dimensional (living in his body and his mind). He is now a multi-dimensional being, with his life in the spiritual realm becoming real to him.

He now knows he is secure in God, and does not fear anymore of the unknown. He can deal with physical and mental problems more confidently and indeed take the spiritual authority that Jesus has already given to every believer through the Holy Spirit without hesitation. He now understands what Jesus means about the more abundant life.

There are so much more to live now. He takes stock and lists out a summary of what had happened to him so far in living in the Spirit:
1. Body: he has overcome the addictive and compulsive spirits: long term sickness of allergic rhinitis, irregular and extremely high heart rate, hypertension, bone and muscle weakness, joint pains, injured lower back ache that kept recurring, gluttony for sweet food and addiction to caffeine.
2. Soul (mind and emotion): he has overcome problems with a host of mind related issues, pessimistic outlook, spirit of fear (fear of rejection, fear of authority, worry, sensitiveness, insecurity, nervousness, persecution, indecision).
3. Spirit: he has overcome the spirit of heaviness (despair and hopelessness).
He knew it was not him who overcame. The Holy Spirit in him manifested and overcame for him as he became more and more aware of, sensitive and obedient to the Holy Spirit.
It is now a joy to live each day with the Holy Spirit being a real companion for Jack.

Today I woke reluctantly after the alarm had sounded its second round. I felt tired and sleepy despite the fact that I had gone to bed early. Why? Have I lost the burst of enthusiasm to seek God? Am I not led by the Holy Spirit?
I continued to read the Gospel recorded by John inspired by the Holy Spirit. I went through the section about Nicodemus. (John 3:1-21) Every Christian knows this story. What is there to read? What is there to know? I was still sleepy and disinterested. I prayed and told God that I could not see anything there that had not been known by practically every Christian since young, and I needed the Holy Spirit to guide me.
Then I was led to read again the red letters words spoken by Jesus. This time I was led by the Spirit. The words came real and I saw what I had never seen before! I record below what I discovered.
1. Nicodemus (a highly respected, important senior official and religious teacher) had recognized that God is with Jesus because he has seen all the supernatural signs that Jesus has done. Nicodemus wanted God to be with him too. He wanted to see and enter the kingdom of God too. But Nicodemus did not know anything about the Holy Spirit. He did not know that what Jesus did was a display of the power of the Holy Spirit. He did not know that God is a trinity God (the Father, the Son-Jesus, and the Holy Spirit).
2. Jesus explained to him that we need the Holy Spirit to see and enter the kingdom of God, in the following way:
Be born of the Holy Spirit. Become a spirit.
(We can then come and go as the wind blows where it wishes.)
3. Jesus speaks what He knows, testify what He has seen (with His Father and the Holy Spirit together as God).
4. Jesus speaks of heavenly things.
5. Jesus who is in heaven has come down from heaven to the world for a purpose.
a. God loved the world.
b. God’s plan is to give everyone eternal life.
c. The world can be saved through Jesus.
Jesus is lightd. Jesus is the light.
e. All who come to the light will be saved.
f. He who does the truth comes to the light. His deeds have been done in God.
g. He who believes in Jesus will not be condemned.
Who will be condemned?
1. He who does not believe in Jesus is condemned already.
2. Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil.
3. Everyone practicing evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.
Jesus told us that God loved us. He loved us to the extent that He gave His only Son to die for us so that we might live and not perish eternally. There are only two endings assigned when one dies. Either one goes to God’s place, which is heaven, or one goes to hell (the only alternative) which is the devil’s place. There are many descriptions of the devil’s place in the Bible and other records.
Is it difficult for one to enter heaven? No. There is one condition: one has to be born of the Holy Spirit. Why? Because you can only enter heaven as a spirit (of God).
How to be born of the Holy Spirit? By coming to Jesus and believe in Jesus.
As human flesh or as a spirit not of God, un-believer cannot enter heaven.
As a “Christian”, how do we know whether we can enter heaven? How does one know whether one is truly of God? Examine whether you are under the above category of “who will be condemned”.
If you are, repent NOW! (1 John 1:9)
1 June 2009


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