Literature BlogsLately Jack had not sought to see any vision (in pictures or in words) and he had also slacked in seeking God in daily worship songs/hymns. He felt puzzled and concerned. However he continued to attend the Prayer House worship services three times a week, being soaked in the presence of God. When he asked God in prayer, he received an answer.

Previously he thought he could only seek God by a fixed pattern. First he had to sing hymns and worship God until he was firmly assured of God’s presence. Then, he would burst into spiritual songs and prayers. He would intercede when he was spiritually ready. But this had not happened for quite sometime. Instead, he just read the Bible and prayed as he read when he felt led by the Holy Spirit to do so.

So he told the Holy Spirit his concern. One day he heard a message about how Apostle Paul on conversion immediately asked the Lord, “Lord, what would you want me to do?” He wanted to emulate Paul. So he asked the Lord the same question too. Then he heard in his heart, “Read the Acts of the Apostles. Read it before you attend the coming spiritual seminar.” Jack was to attend a Christian overcomers’ seminar at the end of the month. He obeyed and read the Book.

As he read, he discovered that there were messages previously overlooked by him and the whole Book became alive and real to him. it was as if he had read this the first time. The words came alive and he realized how little he knew about the words of the Lord before.

As he read, he prayed and interceded. The Holy Spirit guided him just as the way he was led in a Spirit-filled worship. As he asked, he received answer instantly. He was amazed. He had not been singing hymns and waiting in silence. Yet he was being led by the presence of God (the Holy Spirit)!
This new experience of the leading of the Holy Spirit was confirmed by another person’s sharing that lately she too was led to read the Bible first before praying. A pastor taught that we need to hear God first and not to talk to Him without hearing Him! God spoke to us through His words. When our heart is full of the words of God, we hear God.

It was another breakthrough for Jack. He now realizes that he should not limit the Holy Spirit. All his experiences in living in the Holy Spirit had led him to acknowledge that the Holy Spirit cannot be fixed into a mould in the human mind. He admits that he really knows very little about the Holy Spirit.

On the other hand, he now knows that the Holy Spirit likes to respond to our requests as we are committed to be led by Him, and he is determined to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

He has been trying to prepare himself in terms of trying to fast one meal a day, and perhaps do some physical exercises to keep fit, for the coming overcomers’ seminar. The four days course will be run day and night up to early morning. They are expected to live on two meals and perhaps four hours sleep a day. The two main speakers, both of whom are Spirit-filled lady pastors (in their sixties?) are running on divine health and divine strength.

Jack knows this time he is still not entirely ready and fit though he has improved over last time (having failed considerably six months ago). But he knows more about how the Holy Spirit can help him. He is full of hope and assurance this time. The Holy Spirit has been a good teacher and trainer.
AAA Jack
August 29, 2009



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