chapter fifty-nine: Jack discovers that God is real and gives grace (unmerited favor)! (2009 end)

beloved of GodOn the eve of the last day of 2009, Jack was led to give thanks for the year. He looked back and without hesitation agreed that it was a year full of unmerited favor from the Almighty God, Whom he called Abba Father in his prayers.

He summarized below what happened to him when he sought God seriously through being led by the Holy Spirit:

1. He was led by the Holy Spirit to encounter the reality of God.

As a result, he learned to live differently. He attended a Prayer House to worship and pray instead of attending the usual services of a church. He attended seminars teaching him in practice how to wait upon God, worship God for hours and not feel bored or tired. He listened to teachings on the needs to keep one’s temple (the body, which is the temple of the Holy Spirit) holy (being separated from the worldly values and worldly beliefs and practices) for the indwelling Spirit of Christ. He learned how to keep his temple cleansed (through the regular and daily washing of God’s words, the Holy Spirit, and the presence of God).

2. He was led by the Holy Spirit to re-examine his faith and belief system.

As a result, he saw and admitted his religious failures in the past despite having been a committed evangelical Christian for over 25 years, reading Bible daily, attending church without fail and serving in Sunday school etc. faithfully. He had a lot of knowledge about what is right to do and made his best effort too, though without the power of the Holy Spirit (as the churches he attended preached Holy Spirit for mind knowledge and not in practice with power). He had been disillusioned over the years watching the weak churches, pastors, elders and members being attacked spiritually and succumbed. He admitted he had been guilty as he was part of the church system without making any effort to seek the Holy Spirit and cry for help!

3. He learned about the true church.

As a result, he sought God on his own at home and also attended a place where he found worshippers really seeking God, basked in God’s presence and instead of the “Thing” called church. As he continued to seek, he found the true church in the Acts of the Apostles. He shuddered at the thought that he had been so deceived and was part of the “Thing” for so many years. Without the Holy Spirit, church becomes the “Thing”!

4. He practiced as a member of the true church.

He learned that as he takes Holy Communion with the other believers of Jesus Christ, he becomes a member of the corporate body of Christ. Christ is the head of the body. The words Jesus spoke about His disciples abiding in Him and being one with Him as He is one with the Father in heaven become a reality. By this belonging, the body of Christ enjoys the authority (over all spiritual principalities, rulers and wicked forces in the heavenly realm) and all privileges of Christ who has given to His believers.

5. He learned to trust God (including believing the words of God and obey).

As he allowed himself to be led by the Holy Spirit, he found that gradually he could listen to what the Holy Spirit was saying to him. It was not in audible voice. Ideas (in visions/pictures, dreams and God’s words) came into his heart. He sought confirmation in the words of God. He learned to follow them.

He learned to communicate to God. His prayers changed. Unlike the former usual political correct prayers which he had uttered as he was expected to do so, he was led by the Holy Spirit to pray in ways he had never imagined before. He knew it was not his usual human effort that was in the pilot set anymore.

6. He learned to use a variety of spiritual gifts.

He prayed in the spirit. He sang in the spirit. He mingled his prayers with worship and praise songs. He exercised his faith and even prayed for the sick that were brought to him on a day when all the usual healing leaders were absent. He continued to read the Bible in new light under the tutorship of the Holy Spirit. He shared with (and perhaps taught) others through his writing what he had learned.

7. He lived by the Spirit (and by faith).

After listening to repeated teachings and reading the Bible about divine healing and divine health from Jesus, he stopped his medicine for nose allergy and high heart rate. By faith he believed he was completely healed. He now enjoys divine health.

Looking back, Jack marveled at the amazing things that happened. He has discovered the reality of God’s presence. He has learned that God responds to our prayers without hesitations. God loves us. Indeed, the Holy Spirit has responded to his request so fast that he was caught surprised.

Today he tells himself and all his readers that he is very happy because God is real! Holy Spirit is real. Jesus is real.

His New Year resolution is thus: Be real. Live in the Spirit.



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