Management for Christians (3): how are you managing?

How are you managing? We always ask others this way. Often, the reply is, “Just/barely managing.” A Christian will reply, “Praise the Lord, we are managing.” (Often the reply does not reveal the real situation. Managing has become a cliche.)

1. The word ‘managing’ refers to ‘living’. Managing is synonymous with living.

2. There is no other word which so boldly claims its importance in daily living. We therefore need to learn effective management in all aspects of life.

3. Management is all about living your life. How you want to live your life will affect how effective your management will be.

4. Your values impact your management of life. Do you know your values? Why do you live?

5. Management is based on the ‘why’ and then works on the ‘how’. When you know why you live, you can then work on how to live an effective life.

6. How to manage effectively? You need a management road map.

7. A Christian management road map includes the following navigation tools:  a Bible, a heart that is willing to listen to the Holy Spirit, an attitude that is open to learning.

A. Bible: you need a New Spirit Filled Life Bible -Kingdom equipping through the power of the Word (Thomas Nelson Bibles)

B. Holy Spirit: you need to pray to be filled by the Holy Spirit.

C. Open attitude: An attitude that submit totally to God and resist the devil daily.

8. Be prepared to receive revelations daily from the spiritual realm. Your road map is a living reality. A dynamic force.

9. Be adventurous as you will be required to sail into uncharted waters and break into new territories.

10. Be hopeful for a life that will not be the same once you are on course on this new management journey!


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