End Times Witnessing: three days of visions (updated May 2011)

The night of many (eight) visions could only happen to Zechariah, the watchman once thought but how wrong he was! He had once seen about eight or nine visions on one sleepless night. Some of them related to family matters and some on matters pertaining to God. But he was young in the Spirit then and could not understand.

Recently he was given many visions when he attended three-days conference for intercessors/watchmen. The number of visions and the frequency overwhelmed him. He tried to record some and most times he could only give thanks to the awesome God.

The  visions came as soon as he closed his eyes. There were so many and he just could not keep count or ask the Lord what they meant. However, some were clear and meant something so important that he had recalled and recorded them.
Vision One: Vision of Fiery Darts and Fishes
During the time when the name of Yeshua (Jesus) was lifted high (in songs) and the prayer leader (an elderly veteran grandma intercessor) led the group and cried out the name of the Lord over and over, while singing and praying in the Spirit, the watchman saw fiery darts like meteoric shower flying at lightning speed at a shield above the leader’s head. They were coming at full force but were all quenched. Then he saw numerous fishes (countless like the meteoric shower) flowing toward the entrance of a large pipeline in the ocean, all being drawn and sucked into the entrance from all over the ocean. All these went on as the name of Yeshua was being lifted up.
Vision Two:  Vision of crosses and churches
The watchman asked the Lord to show him a cross. Then he saw a cross in shadow. So he asked the Lord what it meant. He was told that it was a sum total of the the crosses in the participants. The next day he saw a cross outline. The second day afternoon he saw a cross with bright light and one stained with spots. He was told the bright one was a sum total. But the one with spot was one stained with the blood of the Lamb of God (prior to that vision he was reading the verses of the Lord’s shedding His blood to save us as he was concerned by the ‘holy laughter’ (the joy of the Holy Spirit manifesting) of some members. The lone cross (with the blood) was in answer to his concern.
He also asked to see his own cross: on the first day he saw half a cross. The second day he saw the whole cross (wooden with grains) and it was really close-up like a 3-D screen being scrolled showing parts of it stretching from top to bottom. But he could not see the foot of the cross as it reached down to further depth.
Vision Three: Different perspectives of church building and crosses
On the last day he saw two perspective of  church (individual and corporate body of Christ) buildings. In the first scene he saw a huge wall with a small gate. The wall is so huge and tall and he could not see its top. He was told that he is building this in his Bible class and for himself (and his family) too. The walls stretch heaven-ward and will totally separate them from the world (its system) and fulfill God’s requirement.
In the second scene he saw an aerial view of churches. They are blocks of squarish buildings, all in darkness and have no details. Everyone looks the same, all lining up like factory buildings. But they all have a cross-shape empty courtyard space in the center. The cross is what the Lord sees from above. As the watchman looked, he saw one cross-shape starting to build a fire (altar?) and he could see golden flames sparkling and thin line of the top of it to reach upward to heaven (the flames are the prayers of the church like the altar of incense). In another church instead of bright golden flames, black smoke came out and also rose to the sky. It was really quite a frightful sight to see from the aerial view. Nothing matters except the sum total of what matters to the Lord.
None of the church stood out for their building structures and constructions or sizes (number of congregation). They were all the same square boxes, same dark colors, all line up like waiting to be inspected. Viewing from heaven, only the cross is visible. The rest is blurred and undistinguished.

Vision Four: Snow and Winter everywhere**
It was the first time the watchman saw snow scenes occurring so often in his visions. Wilderness. Snow-covered  streets emptied of lives. Snow-covered landscapes. During the teaching by a speaker on end times, he saw her standing in the wilderness, half shielded by dark trees (or bushes), while an avalanche of snow rolled toward her and soon her leg were half covered in snow but she continued preaching.

**Note (added on 13/5/11): The snow vision was seen at the end of August 2010 about six months before the Japanese fatal earth quake and Tsunami on March 11, 2011 (and the resultant Nuclear ‘pollution’ and threat). After this first vision, he saw another more severe snow scene in 3-6 February 2011, wherein the snow already covered everything and only some heads of human and animals were sticking out of the snow!

Vision Five:  The Lord on His throne on eagle wings
This was a wonderful and beautiful vision.  The watchman saw the Lord Yeshua (the King of kings) sitting on His throne, in brilliant light and the throne was on a pair of eagles wings. The eagle wings stretched across the whole horizon and there was no end to its tips. The wings covered the whole ocean and the bright light was atop the wings. The ocean could not even stir a wave. It was totally subdued.
Vision Six: Crystal Sword of the Spirit
He saw a Crystal sword when a speaker was preaching the Words of God.  The beautiful transparent sword appeared behind and and he was astounded. He was told it is what the Sword of the Spirit look like, not like human sword but pure and sharp (like diamond) and cuts through every stronghold.
Vision Seven: Spirit Song Banner
While a person burst into a spirit song, it was soft and gentle, but indeed powerful. He saw a vision of a banner (sort of golden) above her. Then it began to suck in a long thick line of black cloud (or smoke), like a magnate and the dark thing was simply sucked in to the golden banner and vanished as soon as it touched the golden banner. Soon there was no more darkness to be destroyed by the song of the Spirit!

Vision Eight:  The Vision of end times star war
It was a puzzle at first when the watchman saw an outer space shuttle scrolling over the screen of his vision. Then he realized it was because the songs and prayers for all nations were sung and prayed.  This is the first time he sees such high tech vision of how all nations are being covered. The earth is merely a tiny globe and it is a view from above that he has never seen before in the spiritual realm. Later when the song asking the Holy Spirit to pour down on all the world’s nations, he saw another vision. This time he saw longish missile like shapes of lights in rolls flashing across the screen like scrolling over a vast outer space. Again, a very high tech presentation of how all nations are to receive the pouring of the Holy Spirit.

The watchman of course had other personal visions which he could not share. But he had learned his lessons too, indeed a very large one on the last day. The Lord was merciful and delivered him.


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