chapter eighty-eight: the Holy Spirit said. “Take up the sword of the Spirit!” (Revised)

sword of the Holy SpiritAs the watchman has been seeing the Sword of the Spirit (the Word of God) appearing in his visions very often lately, he decides to reblog this message. The message is loud and clear, “Many perish because they do not have the Word of God!” The end times count down is ticking fast and the watchman cries out, “Church, take up your Sword of the Spirit and start practicing NOW!”

chapter eighty-eight: the Holy Spirit said. The watchman could not sleep well. He was troubled. His body was under attack and he was fed up. He wavered, “How can the enemy be so seemingly ‘powerful’? He wondered why he was under attack often when he went to one particular geographical location. Indeed, when he went to a particular relative’s house recently he was again attacked with the old back-ache symptoms. Given a choice he would never want to go there or anywhere near any place satura … Read More

via AAA Jack’s blog (A Watchman on your walls)