Holy Spirit practical 2: what to do with meat cleaver pointing at your chest?

Bible keyIn another Sunday evening session on Holy Spirit Practical subject, the watchman invited a believer to demonstrate how one hears from the Holy Spirit, giving her free flow with the Holy Spirit. It turned out to be a Spirit-filled, anointed time for some participants. The believer speaker merely strummed a guitar and sang Spirit songs for quite sometime. Some participants prayed in the Spirit with her. They started without the watchman who was held up somewhere. By the time he reached the meeting place, the room was ‘electrified’ -saturated with the Presence of the Lord. After the songs, there was quite a pause. Then the speaker started sharing her testimony on her walk with the Holy Spirit. By the time she reached the part narrating how she always went back to her own room and cry before the Lord, another participant had so manifested (soaked in tears) that she had to run to the washroom and had a good cry until someone came to knock on her door! She had been unable to cry for quite sometime was set free! The Anointed One destroyed the yoke! On that same morning, the watchman heard in his spirit the familiar verse from Zechariah 4:6 “It is not by force, nor be strength, but by My Spirit, says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies.” The verse woke the watchman as he has been pondering for two days about a critical (life and death) parenting situation, which is impacting the whole globe. Young children and teens have been captivated by the digital and electronic games all over the world. He has recently been given the task of guardianship over one teen boy of 15 years old. The boy manifested violence after binging on cyber games secretly with his friends. He first took a fruit knife and pointed at the watchman. When the watchman did not respond, the boy went and took a meat cleaver and pointed at the watchman’s chest. The reason for his manifestation was that the phone shop they visited no longer sell cheap package for the boy’s cell phone! The boy could not send messages to his many friends for one hour and he just could not stand it. So he turned to meaningless violence against an innocent man who just happened to be around during his manifestation. Sound familiar? The watchman (who had had some training by now under the tuitorship of the Holy Spirit) was unruffled and took charge of the crisis without being harmed physically. But he still had no wisdom of his own to solve such a case of young teens being possessed by games monsters. So he sought the Lord (the Holy Spirit) for help and rescue. After praying and seeking breakthrough, he received two spiritual instructions. 1. Take authority in the Name of Jesus, bind and cast out the monkeys (or whatever beasts and monsters manifesting). Speak to your mountain and command it to be removed and cast into the sea! 2. Win this war not by own strength but by the Holy Spirit. Pray in the Spirit at all times and see the difference!* This confirmed what he has been reading about the key to victory is through taking our spiritual authority seriously and put our faith into action.  *For those who wonder why we need to pray in the Spirit, the watchman’s advice is that you just do it and see for yourself. Personally he carries out this faith in action and can see the significant and positive breakthrough in the spiritual realm which in turn has impacted his physical living! God is real. The Holy Scripture is real. Just believe and carry out with childlike faith. The Holy Spirit will show you how.


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