Ari’s Adventure (the children found the end times key)

This blog has spoken prophetically. The watchman urges the readers to read it. Indeed, where else can one find an effective end times weapon except through the Word of God? The children found the end times key by their simple faith- the whole armor of God and the adults were set free!

Ari and Her Quest (24-The key in the Word) 24-The key in the Word The small Book looked just like any other small book. Ari wondered why the wise Sir SeaLion nodded to her when she picked it up among the other treasures in that vanishing palace on SeaLion Hill. She chose it because it was on top of all the treasures. It was simple and plain looking but it was different. The cover was black, but there was a little red thread that went through the whole Book. Ari saw the red thread first an… (This post is part of the book to be published by this blogger.)


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