How to hear God

Elijah runs ahead
Elijah runs ahead

This is revised today as led by the Holy Spirit. A gift to all of you who seek God earnestly!

AAAJ watchman

Watchman’s October 2012 notes:

This has been one of the most frequented posts for the last 2 years. Many actually yearn for intimate relationship with God, our Creator, our Father in heaven. In this world of constant change, increasing isolation and separation from God, due to man’s increasing coldness and hardening of hearts, lawlessness, self-seeking, presumptions, covetousness (which is idolatry) and passion for the wisdom of the world (which according to James 3:15 is earthly, sensual and demonic.), many are crying out to the Almighty God who hears and answers.

How to re-build or start an intimate relationship with a God whom you do not even know?

The watchman has learned this (from experience and encounter with the Father in heaven since 1983, the year when he was born again by the Holy Spirit):

  1. start today.
  2. be still before Him.
  3. believe He exists.
  4. believe He wants to reward you, when…

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