A List of Items for watchman-intercessor


How to be an effective watchman and intercessor? Often this question is raised by the enthusiastic watchman to be (who must be born again by the Spirit of Christ). There is a harvest field for watchmen/intercessors who are spiritual harvest laborers as well. So here are some words for those who really desire to soar into the spiritual realm watching and praying just as the Lord Jesus had commanded. The list is not exhaustive and is not arranged in any sequence of importance. Some of the items are inter-related or are expansions from previous items. (Note: Some may find some items on the list challenging or even ‘offensive’. Do not be offended. After all, it is between you and God who calls you.)

Always be led by the Spirit of the Lord, Jesus Christ Himself!

  1. You need to be called.
  2. You need to be spiritual, able to see, hear and discern in your spirit.
  3. You need to be a disciple of Jesus.
  4. You need to know the words of God.
  5. You need to have faith.
  6. You need to spend time, a lot of time, (for some, all the time) with God.
  7. You need to know how to pray.
  8. You need to love praying.
  9. You need to live before God.
  10. You need to live a solitary life, often misunderstood by close ones.
  11. You need to be up when others are sleeping.
  12. You need to travel far, often in the spirit.
  13. You need to know and obey God’s will.
  14. You need a variety of spiritual gifts, including the gifts of discerning spirits, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, tongues and interpretation of tongues when needed to pass on a message. For some who double up as prophets or teachers, they need the gift of prophesy or teaching.
  15. You need to be after the heart of the Father (God), as David did.
  16. You need to live a godly and holy life.
  17. You need to fear God.
  18. You need to know the will of God.
  19. You need to know you have no option but to obey the Lord when called. You need to obey His will and His word.
  20. You need to confess and repent of your sins as convicted by the Holy Spirit and the word of God.
  21. You need to constantly examine your own thoughts and intents (motives) so they would not fool you into thinking you have heard from the Lord.
  22. You need to know how to do spiritual warfare.
  23. You need grace and truth.
  24. You need the blood of Jesus.
  25. You need Psalm 91 protection.
  26. You need to put on the full armor of God.
  27. You need to know to pray the right things at the right time for the right people.
  28. You need to know how to use the sword of the Spirit.
  29. You need to know how to pray and sing in the Spirit.
  30. You need to live divine. (This means you can pray, bind and cast out your own demons, heal your own sickness, and deliver and cleanse yourself).

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