Watchman’s letter: end times here, persevere to watch after midnight

scribe letter writing for Paul
scribe letter writing for Paul

Dear watchman/intercessor who started young. Greeting to you in peace.

The end times watchman was admonished lately after he had moved away from his Mount of Olives attic for sometime, giving way to some overseas visitors. The visitors had returned to their country but the watchman was too lazy to clean up and move back. But now his two trees outside the prayer window had shown charred leaves and the third one too started to show brown color. (He admitted in his spirit he had not prayed consistently. He was earlier told that the first three bread fruits from a breadfruit tree planted by him in a former prayer house he attended were plucked and wasted before they matured!) The warning word from the Lord is “BEWARE DESOLATION“!

Thus he decided to move back and he completed the task after a day of spring cleaning. The first midnight was truly different and fruitful. He was woken after midnight. He was led to read Zechariah 3-4, Malachi 3-4, Luke 13-14.

The message came to him clearly, confirming the signs he had received intensely even during the last quarter of 2012: The Lord is talking about end times. Two types of burning: those refined and those perishedTwo outcome: those who will enter and those who will be left out of the kingdom of heaven. The message is for both Christians (even the high priest Jeshua was like a burning stick snatched from the fire! Zech. 3:2, 3:8) and unbelievers. It was a last call to repentance. Luke 13:2-8; the Lord’s personal urge for all to work hard to enter the narrow door Luke 13:24-30.

On the second night the watchman was again woken after midnight. He was led to read Ezekiel 3-7.

Chapter 3 message is for all watchmen to be alert after midnight. He was tired and sleepy as he had not practiced for sometime. For those who do not know, the watchman has to learn and practice to live divine. He is human like anyone. He learns to fast and pray. He learns to read Bible and listen to the Holy Spirit speaking to him through the Bible. He learns to do various types of fasting as led by the Lord (Holy Spirit). Often it is tough. For example, fasting the Esther fast (three days no food no water), or even Daniel fast, no meat, only light vegetable soups, a bit of rice and mainly liquid (water) for prolonged period (like 21 days or more when the Lord prompts him to extend). Often he just sleeps or stays very still and silent, using only his eyes, his ears and his spirit. But now the Lord wants him to reduce sleep and even intercede.

While lying on the floor he heard this very clearly in his spirit, read Ezekiel 3-4. He finally got up reluctantly and open his Bible. Not surprising, the warning to lazy watchmen is here. 3:20-21 warns: ““If righteous people turn away from their righteous behavior and ignore the obstacles I put in their way, they will die. And if you do not warn them, they will die in their sins. None of their righteous acts will be remembered, and I will hold you responsible for their deaths. 21 But if you warn righteous people not to sin and they listen to you and do not sin, they will live, and you will have saved yourself, too.”

Nothing can compare with this way of waking him. He continued reading and soon knew the prayer he made on the previous day, asking the Lord how he should intercede for his nation, had been answered. The warnings are shocking.

chapter 4: A sign of the coming siege

chapter 5: A sign of the coming judgment

chapter 6: Judgment against Israel’s mountains (idols, false gods, pagan shrines etc.)

chapter 7: The coming of the end

By reading the headlines above one should understand and hear what the Holy Spirit is saying.

What should a watchman do in this time? A novice watchman may ask.

The answer is: obey your calling and watch and pray like never before. Be soaked in the joy of the Lord Holy Spirit!

Heavy reading from the Word: Ezekiel 7 New Living Translation (NLT)

The Coming of the End (excerpts)

7 Then this message came to me from the Lord: “Son of man, this is what the Sovereign Lord says to Israel:

“The end is here!     Wherever you look— east, west, north, or south—     your land is finished. No hope remains,     for I will unleash my anger against you. I will call you to account     for all your detestable sins.

This is what the Sovereign Lord says:
Disaster after disaster
is coming your way!

12 Yes, the time has come;
the day is here!
Buyers should not rejoice over bargains,
nor sellers grieve over losses,
for all of them will fall
under my terrible anger.
13 Even if the merchants survive,
they will never return to their business.
For what God has said applies to everyone—
it will not be changed!
Not one person whose life is twisted by sin
will ever recover.


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