a watchman’s blogging community and the faceless ones

a watchman's community -the faceless ones
a watchman’s community -the faceless ones

The watchman tried to figure out how visitors to this blog may be included to appear in the community list (which limits to 50 only). He experimented a number of combinations (the likers, followers and commenters). The collection of ‘community’ reflect only those who participated in clicking the ‘like’, ‘be ‘followers’, or ‘comment’. His conclusion so far is he still does not know how it works, because not all who participated are in the ‘community’ list published. His prayer for all is not to be deterred by the web site’s programming over which the watchman has no control. He appreciates your visit and does notice the regulars and visits their sites even though he does not comment much.

One thing he regrets to note is that the web site does not provide the picture of the frequent visitors from outside. However he also notes that the majority of the visitors are from all over the world and thus remain anonymous and faceless.

In his journey in the Holy Spirit, he has encountered a number of faceless believers and disciples of Jesus. They are the rubber tappers, vegetables sellers, corner provision shop keepers, fish mongers, road side cafe operators, cab drivers, clerks, book keepers, electricians, construction supervisors, plumbers…and so on. The list is the everyday people list. These are the people who have encountered God in their ordinary lives.

Some are Spirit-filled the moment they believed and accepted Christ Jesus as their Savior and Lord. A rubber tapper can command her migraine to leave her the day after her baptism. A vegetable seller can finish reading the whole Bible six times within a year of her salvation and miraculous full recovery from a seemingly hopeless and helpless bedridden condition. A housewife (grandma) has her sight fully restored after praying for four and half months (after she heard and believed that Jesus heals).

A new convert kindergarten nanny (widow mother of two grown up working children) after receiving salvation read the first three books of Old Testament and half way through the book of Matthew in the New Testament within ten days after her conversion to Christ Jesus from idolatry practice! She explained that due to her eyesight limitation she did not manage to read much!! (The confession made the watchman and those who heard this marvel at the transformation power of the Lord).

The miraculous list is endless, as the Kingdom of God continues to advance, and as disciples continue to obey the Lord Jesus and do what He has commanded His followers to do, led by the Holy Spirit and God’s words.


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