(Revised May 2013) Holy Spirit practical vs virtual practical

heal the broken family
heal the broken family

Holy Spirit practical (Biblical led) is far better than be virtual practical. Read the updated notes in May 2013 by the watchman. Return to the old way when parents and children read their paper bible together, gathered around the family table daily after dinner!

AAAJ watchman-blogger

broken-familyNotes added in May 2013:

The following post in January 2011 was based on a narration by a believer. Please beware that you need to be led by the Lord yourself. The Holy Spirit cannot be limited to one example. The safe place to start your practical is always to stay in the Lord’s presence through daily reading and meditating big chunks of His words. The Bible does not change. Human changes. The minute we turn to the world and the things of the world, we turn our eyes away from the Lord Jesus Christ. That is where the thorns and thistles will be and choke the plants that God has originally planted in us.

Last night the watchman prayed for the salvation of Christian children of the world (who have been captivated by digital world and its gadgets). He was led prophetically by faith to pray that they (and…

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