a letter to a brethren – positive ministry in the Holy Spirit

Dear sister in Christ:

I agree with you that the word of God is sufficient to assure us that we have the Holy Spirit and the power of God in us. I am a word person too.

My only concern is we don’t know how to manifest the presence of the might of God as we minister to others. i.e. we are not ministering in the Holy Spirit.

Andrew admitted from below that he actually could discern the presence of God as he was spiritually joined to the Lord, one spirit with the Lord’s Spirit (1 Cor.6:17). I always believe this verse and in fact proclaim daily with the other two disciples. But I also admit that we are not as spiritually discerning or sensitive as Andrew is.

That is why we need to learn from his teaching and even his school experience, the practical ministering parts with brethren who are Holy Spirit filled and Holy Spirit empowered. We can grow that way in our walk in the Holy Spirit.

Heidi said, we can only give what we have: “If we are not full of Him we have nothing to offer to anyone else.” (https://kzlam36.wordpress.com/2013/08/22/heidi-bakers-testimony-and-quotes/)

As we minister we actually must impart the same : walking according to the Spirit, living in the power of the Holy Spirit, whether it’s healing or just conducting each own daily life.

We can only impart what we have already encountered. we need to encounter Jesus (in the Holy Spirit) in our spirit man. (The testimonies of their lives are what these men and women of faith have been teaching and imparting)!

Please watch or listen to the Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit first and do nothing else. The fresh revelation is here. My spirit said you need to listen afresh too! You can watch or listen to the teaching at the following websites: http://www.awmi.net/tv/2006/week40 ; http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio/1020

Love, brethren in Christ, watchman

_______________Excerpts from Andrew Wommack’s article (describing his own encounter with God’s presence in the Spirit)

One year at our annual Charis Bible College Expand Your Vision Weekend, as I was worshiping the Lord, I just knew in my heart that the Lord had entered the room. I didn’t feel it, I just knew it. I knew He had walked into the auditorium through the left front doors and right up in front of the stage. He stood there next to me for a moment, then He turned and started down the middle aisle and toward the back of the room.

I know the Lord promised He would always be with us and, in fact, lives within us. But there was a tangible manifestation of His presence. Very simply put, I believe what we call the anointing is just a manifestation of what is already true in the spirit realm. The Lord is always with us, but His presence isn’t always tangibly manifest. This time it was.

The presence of the Lord was so real, I opened my eyes to look and see if I could see Him. Within moments, people began to drop to their knees and worship the Lord in the same sequence that I had sensed Him walking through the room. People were rejoicing and sobbing out loud. It was a powerful time of being in the manifest presence of the Lord.

But here is the thing that was so special to me: I didn’t physically see or feel anything extraordinary. I didn’t need to. I knew it by faith. By the Spirit, I knew what was happening before I opened my eyes and saw any confirmation of the Lord moving through the meeting and touching people. I was just as satisfied to know these things by the Spirit as if I had been physically overwhelmed and pinned to the floor under the power of the Holy Spirit.

As the meeting continued, there were many people touched by the manifest presence of the Lord. It was one of those times that people want to build three tabernacles and just camp there (Matt. 17:4). Although I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, I’ve come to the place where faith when God’s presence is not manifest is just as real as the special times when feeling confirms what faith believes. (http://www.awmi.net/extra/article/walking_faith)

“Walking by faith” MP3 download: http://www.awmi.net/extra/audio/1046

  1. The Reality Of Faith
  2. Walking By Faith
  3. How To Overcome Doubt
  4. The End Of Self Is The Beginning Of God

Excerpts from The Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit:

The Holy Spirit should be your best friend. He was sent here to encourage you and constantly assure you of God’s love. He is the most important and most powerful person in your life. If you haven’t been thinking correctly about the Holy Spirit, it’s time to change your thinking.

You will never be able to relate to God correctly until you understand this positive ministry of the Holy Spirit. My new and expanded series, The Positive Ministry of the Holy Spirit, will help you make this change in your thinking. The Holy Spirit is the great Comforter, but His positive ministry goes far beyond that. If you want power in your life, you’ll have to know and understand what I teach in this series.” Andrew Wommack (http://www.awmi.net/extra/article/positive_ministry )

Download mp3 below to listen: (note added by this blogger: listen to the last two first; very important for us!)


  1. The Comforter
  2. The Sin Of Unbelief
  3. Righteousness & Judgment
  4. Depending On The Spirit
  5. God’s Love Revealed
Romans 5:5
Romans 5:5 – the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us!




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