introducing a new blog: Kingdom of God daughters -love famine

We have been led to start a new blog to present woman in the positive light of the kingdom of God. Amazingly it turns out to be a blog on end times solutions (social, mental and emotional) too! We would encourage you to read them as parts of the Solutions we will be posting here (in the watchman’s blog) in terms of the end times ills solutions (with emphasis on economics/investments). Here is a sample of the posts…


Dear sisters, here is chapter two of the second love story from the longest lasting ancient record of love. The kind of love that no human could ever comprehend. Unending love, amazing grace. The reason we started this blog is to affirm to you that all that the Creator of humans has planned and spoken in His Word about you have always and will ever come to pass. None of His Word will return void. Be patient. You have already read some aspects of who you are but not all. We shall continue to hear the Holy Spirit and post God’s stories for you.

Why do we bother? Because we love you. We want to let you know someone love you. The greatest love does not come from us mortals really. The greatest love comes to you from the Creator Himself. His name is God. How did He love you? He loved you even before you ever heard of Him, before you were born. Your name, your true identity was already recorded in heaven, in a book He kept for you. He is still updating His book, an entire book for you alone. Everyone (man too) has a book of his own or her own.

Does your earthly dad keep a book for you even before you were born, before he knew your existence? From before you came into being until you leaves this earth? No, no human father can ever do that. Only our Father in heaven can do that. He cares and loves you enough to want to do that! This is called, unending love, amazing grace.

________________________________For those who did not like the Leah story, no, you are not created to be a reproduction machine. If God had wanted that He needed not create woman. He could merely create a human babies  manufacturing machine. It would have been far more efficient and economically viable. No, sisters, we are created for higher purpose. Please take the trouble to read the Spirit-inspired posts we shall be posting in this blog, specially made for you. (Man too, you may read as half of your world is occupied by woman)…..

Read on:

Woman-worry-stress1 Do Not Let Your Past Define You woman suffers street girl gang Girl holds a placard as she takes part in a protest rally in Hyderabad


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