Notes on fasting and goals

Without a clear agenda, how does one spend his fasting days? Here are something that one can do (based on this watchman’s experience), in addition to reading the Bible, praying, and waiting in the presence of God. Please pray and ask the Lord yourself and let the Bible guide you.

  1. You need to have an overall, big picture goal. For example, you have a prompting that the Lord wants you to fast for this period. Something is going on in the spiritual realm and you are enlisted to be a part of it.
  1. Do the usual essential things you do. When you fast one meal or even two meals a day, it would not hinder you to carry on light working and living duties.
  2. When you do the three days’ Esther fast, no food and no water, you need to take a break from your daily work, unless you are already a seasoned Esther ‘faster’. The watchman is still a novice here. So he dedicates the time to focus on God and nothing else.
  3. What else should you do? Do dedicate periods of time, as much as you can (i.e. if you are not full time fasting), to read the words of God, pray, listen to worship and preaching, as led by the Spirit. There are many to choose from, so you need to really focus and ask the Lord daily what to listen. If you are not drinking, you may find it hard to join in the singing or praying verbally much.
  4. Take short period of sleep at intervals. Again, you need to let the Spirit of the Lord lead you. Do not be discouraged if you tend to sleep more than usual.
  5. Stay focus on goals. If you fast for a specific breakthrough, stay focus on what you are asking the Lord for. You will receive messages (most of which from the Bible words that you are reading) from the Lord as you go through the time before Him. You will know whether you have received it or not. The Lord (the Holy Spirit) will lead you through, getting the answer.
  6. Other things you can do: read books written by godly people of faith. The watchman reads as led by the Lord. For example, recently he received promptings to read the following books: Rees Howells Intercessor -the story of a life lived for God (by Norman Grubb), Self-Centeredness: The Source of All Grief (by Andrew Wommack); watch the documentary on the 1904 Welsh Awakening (Evan Roberts), outpouring of the Holy Spirit (British Pentecostal Movement: Sunderland, Wigglesworth, Stephen and George Jeffreys), listen and follow the worship and sermons by pastor Sandra Kennedy. After the first day of a three days’ fast, he also received the prompting to read the book on Commercialized Religion, Contaminated Christianity (by Susan Tang).
  7. When you receive promptings from the Lord, read further or research more on the subject. The book on Commercialized Religion, Contaminated Christianity based on Zechariah’s vision in Zech.5:5-11, is answering what this watchman has been meditating on. Soon he was led to reading of the state of certain mega churches in USA. When he switched on his computer and read Christian news, he read of what he was looking for, the signs of the time. He saw the covetous faces…

Having such an overload of bad news about ‘churches’ increasingly worshiping idol and mammon, bowing down to gold calves, putting wickedness (worldliness) on pedestal to worship, the watchman was heavy in his heart, but he was then led to listen to audio reading of God’s words, starting from the book of Genesis. His words are nourishing food indeed.

Jesus said, “People do not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4:4) “My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent Me, and from finishing His work.” (John 4:34) “The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing. And the very words I have spoken to you are spirit and life.” (John 6:63)

fasting and praying



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