(Revised 11/29/13) chapter 58: Christmas visions and dreams of green trees, my little brother,Isaiah 61

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Further notes on 11/29/2013: Times passes. We each have an appointed time. Many of us left home after the first few years of our lives. But the Lord brought back our loved ones to us one in His seasons for each of them. Our paths crossed. Appointed. The Lord’s Visitations too. Don’t miss yours. Lives are too short on earth for us to miss the Lord’s appointments.

Notes on 11/29/2013: This post was originally written on December 27, 2009. Today this emerged as I looked at this website. Yesterday I posted the 1111th of my posts. Today I looked at this compilation of dreams and visions and realized how many of them had come to pass! One event was about my little brother. In the dream he was very young and I had to hold his hand and together we walked through pitched darkness in the open field (like wilderness), crossed the…

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