journey on: a review – cost of being spiritual

In the end, there is only one division: being spiritual and being others (I do not want to call names, but you may put in any word that describes yourself if you are not yet spiritual).

Being spiritual is a mark of disciples. The disciples of Jesus had gone through this journey and failed in a big way at the time when they deserted Jesus and left him to be arrested alone and died alone.

But it was not the end. The disciples recovered from their shock and grief and disillusion (so they thought in those moments of trials) and entered the spiritual realm when the Holy Spirit poured on them from above. They had obeyed Jesus’ command and waited for this essential transformation. It happened just as Jesus said. They changed from being ‘others’ to being spiritual. Thus the history of mankind has changed because of a few men and women who by faith obeyed the command of Jesus’ last words on earth, waiting for the out-pouring of the Holy Spirit, and received the power from above.

Did this happen too in the Old Testament? The division between being spiritual and ‘others’?

Yes. Just look at the costly examples of the prophets and those who are related to them.

Jeremiah was not allowed to marry even when he was of age to marry just as any other Jewish young man. He was told of what would happen in the immediate, intermediate and distant future of his nation and his life was a sign to the unbelieving people (whom God had chosen to be His own)!

Ezekiel was told he would be a sign to the unbelieving people (of God) too, and his wife, the desire of his eyes, was taken from him. In the morning he spoke to the people that this would happen and in the evening she died. Not only this, God actually told His people through Ezekiel that their sons and daughters, whom they had made into their stronghold, joy and glory, desire o their eyes, and on which they set their minds, would be taken away.

Even the Lord Jesus Himself was at one time stayed a spiritual (often physical too) distance from His immediate family, mother, brothers, sisters. Were they not His treasured and loved ones? They were all He had during the thirty years of preparation. He was loved too by them, after their earthly father Joseph passed away and He Had shouldered the responsibility being the eldest and provider for their needs, working as a carpenter. But when he left them and manifested the Son of God in public, preaching the kingdom of God, casting out demons, healing the sick, recovering the sight to the blind, making the lame walk, setting free those oppressed by the devil, proclaiming liberty and the favor of God, he was closer to those who were His disciples and followers than His on family members.

Moses spent at the most forty years with His own immediate family, as himself, Moses, a husband, a father. His later years were given to leading the whole nation of Israel through the wilderness, equipping the second generation of fighting men to enter the promised land as the army of the God of heaven. there was no further noticeable mention of his wife and children.

Apostles had no exemptions. They went through costly discipleship. Jesus had actually asked them to give up all just as He did (and in the Old Testament many prophets did, for example, what Jeremiah and Ezekiel did): house, wife, parents, sons and daughters. The separation included: physical, soul and spiritual. When they were later persecuted many left their homes and dispersed into the world, spreading the Gospel, bring the world to Jesus Christ!

Why were they able to do so? Why were they required to do so?

The only key is either they were joined to the Lord, became one spirit with Him, or they were not. ( 1Corinthians 6:17)

Only the spiritual can see the kingdom of God, can enter the kingdom of God (John 3:3; 5-8). Born of the Holy Spirit with incorruptible words (1 Peter 1:23), see the kingdom of God (by faith, not by sight, 2 Corinthians 5:7), being led by the Spirit of God (as sons of God are, Romans 8:14), understand the matters of God (who is Spirit and requires those who worship Him to worship in Spirit and in truth, John 4:23-24), believe that the Bible is life and Spirit (John 6:63)

What the disciples (and prophets) had to totally let go and give up had nothing to do with their loved ones. It was just a cost of separation for the spiritual assignment they had to move forward into. Matters of God. Matters of aligning with the plumb-line in heaven. Those left behind are not abandoned. They too had a chance to follow Jesus, become spiritual and be His disciples too. in the Old Testament, the prophets were made into physical signs as the entire nation was not spiritual. In the New Testament church, every believer is given the Holy Spirit when he or she hears the Gospel, believes, repents and accepts Jesus as Savior and Lord. There is no one who will be left out of the spiritual realm unless the person chooses unbelief.

Believe. By faith not by sight. You can be spiritual.

Thy kingdom comes, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Thy kingdom comes, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.

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