End Times church countdown: “Come and See!”

2014 come and see

AAAJ watchman

the word of God end times weapon word of God

Lately, the watchman traveled more often. Sometimes he was asked to send someone to a place where the person can seek God with a group of other seekers and people of faith. Sometimes he was led to go to see or hear the Lord’s messages. The messages are for him to pray over or for him to pass to others. During his last trip he received very important messages. Prior going he was given verses in Revelation 6:1,3,5,7 which urged him to “come and see” four times! So he went.

When he was there he attended some prayer and worship meetings. The first night while listening to prayers made by others, he received in his spirit 3 passages from the book of James, all in chapter three, which the Lord told him were linked to what he had gone to see (Revelation 6 -the…

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