How to live end time? A brief manual

How to live our end time days? This is today’s question. Now that some Christians know and believe that the Lord is returning soon, how may we live, as apostle Peter had asked. “since everything around us is to be destroyed like this, what holy and godly lives you should live, …but we looking forward to the new heavens and new earth He has promised, a world filled with God’s righteousness.” (2 Peter 3:11, 13)

Many hope to be raised before the really difficult times start. Yet many are preparing to face the tough times in case we are not raised at the beginning and may go through the first half or even the entire tribulation.

So, today we ask, what shall I do now to prepare? Let us read God’s words for answers.

1. The fact that Jesus would not leave us alone to feign for ourselves. He has sent His Spirit (the Holy Spirit) to be with us forever. So we have the Holy Spirit to ask any point of time. We can ask God for every decision.

2. Because we are still in the world, God’s words which do not fail will always protect us as God sends His words to heal and deliver and prosper and defend us. We have God’s words which Jesus says, are life and spirit.

3. Because we are not of the world, when all the world is being hit by ‘plagues’ in religion, war (security), economy, sickness and death, we shall be sustained in a specially designated land (field/ground) where God has ensured protection and provision to continue flowing so we may continue to bring people to the salvation of Jesus.

4. What shall we do? Sons of God are led by the Holy Spirit and when we keep focusing on the Lord Jesus Himself, we shall live His mind, His life in us, Wisdom (who is Christ Himself). We shall continue to know what land or field to buy and produce what God’s people need, both physical and spiritual. We shall continue to live in divine healing and health and youthful fitness just as God has promised in His words and which we have already practiced in our years of walking with Jesus, by faith, anchoring in His words and His Spirit.

Action points: pray and ask the Lord where you are now assigned to. What5 land to buy? What gift to use? what to sell and what to buy?  What to start doing and what to stop doing. There is really little time if you still hang on to a lot of baggage. The key words : “SELL ALL’.


Your only end time life goal: Testify for Jesus. Bring many to righteousness. Shine like stars.

(To those who are led by the Lord to come and read this post: you know from where all the Bible verses the above brief is drawn. Please read them. )

"Most important of all..."
“Most important of all…”

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