(Updated April, 2014) Be Transformed

Updated on April 2, 2014: It has been seven full years of this blogging by a watchman on your walls, which first started on April 29, 2007. What has this achieved, if any? What was the original call? What went astray? What aligned with the plan of God? The watchman hears one key word, these days, be “transformed” by the renewal of your mind. it is not as previously titled, be :renewed” anymore. Today, after seven years, the word is “transformed”.

Yes, this is Matthew chapter 17’s theme, a theme that God demands of the disciples of Jesus, “Transfiguration”.  What a word! I shall put my notes in the next post of this blog.

____________________________a year ago…

Update on May 13, 2013: This was posted in April 2007, more that six years ago. This is now the seventh year of blogging for the watchman. For a blogger who stumbled onto this way of journal writing, this is more like the impossible becoming the possible. When the first post was written, the watchman had no idea how the blog would turn out after a number of years. This journey can only be described as one reads the post one by one and see how the spiritual journey unfolds itself.

How to read 1207 (updated 4/2/14) posts? The watchman has no tip or success key factor over this matter, alas.

_______________________________________Original post on 4-29-2007 “Be Renewed”! (a fable)

My birthday came and went on the thirteenth. A very quiet and ordinary day. Yet I sensed a change. Greatness burst forth. Something broke out.

I saw this eagle while taking over this mountain. A very tired and heavy laden eagle. It chose the highest spot on the rock, calmly plucked off its worn feather, bit by bit. An ugly and pitiable sight. A sorry sight of a proud creature, once an emperor of the vast blue above and beyond, soaring free, majestic and mighty, utterly grounded and striped off its dignity and honor.

“Give me this mountain.” It spoke calmly. My tears came out and blurred my eyes. Why? Did it not see how its own efforts could never ever conquer this? Its words rang hollow and forlorn in the howling wind.

I waited in the wind. The sky was strangely clear. The horizon beyond was vast. “Give me this mountain.” It demanded.

So I waited.

One morning, another ordinary day, I looked out of my domain and saw this miracle. The old eagle was no longer there. A young, powerful, beautiful one was born. It stood high, facing the sun, its proud wings stretched forth, completely bathed in the brilliant light. The same set of confident eyes. Then it spoke, clearly and confidently, just like before, “give me this mountain.”

This time, I knew and I believe. Yes, there was no doubt it would take this mountain.

And it did.

Therefore, on my birthday, I said, “Give me this mountain.”

And I took this mountain. (fable ends)

_____________________4/2/14 notes:

Lesson I learned from this ‘fable’:

I was full of pride and walking by my flesh. I had a glimpse of greatness but I was a stranger to God. It was a fable alright. The truth is, I had exhausted all human efforts to get near to God to no avail.

Then the Lord touched me with His Spirit and I was transformed by the power of His might! What a God I serve! His mercy endures forever! Praise Him! Praise Him! Glory to God!

be still and know God is God.
be still and know God is God.

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