(revised 4/24/14) End Times Witnessing: signs and times revealed to watchman (2) -message to Mark (revised)

AAAJ watchman

updated 4/24/14: this was posted in 2010 and revised in 2011. Many events had happened in the world since the first posting of this message. We have gone through four years like a sigh in the night. Honestly, we realize that what Jesus had prophesied about the end times have come to pass in many ways. Some are progressing at an accelerated pace. His warning on Noah’s days is real and valid today.  The gospel of the Kingdom of God is fast reaching the ends of the world through the internet.

We each need to ask ourselves whether we are living the life that God has intended for each of us? The key words are: focus on and align with God. A series of messages recorded from a prophetic watchman intercessor on 2011 had come to pass…They sounded like a newspaper reporting today.  Please pray in the Spirit and…

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