watchman’s notes: watch and pray reality check

When the Lord Jesus spoke to the disciples about end times, He emphasized one thing: watch and pray.

The watchman has experienced this very important reality. Either we watch and pray or we miss out functioning faithfully in certain important life and death issue being progressed in the spiritual realm, which would manifest and impact the physical realm of human existence on earth.

In two recent major ‘disastrous’ events, the watchman was alerted in the spirit but due to physical tiredness (e.g. long hours of travel and without sleep), there was no alertness in the spirit. Therefore, there was no effective preventive intercession. No prayer in those crucial moments.

Please note I am not saying that we are imperative to moving all mountains or valleys. But we are called to be faithful. We are given spiritual gifts to function appropriately in our respective calling. We have committed to our Lord’s command to watch and pray. I have heard a testimony that the Lord called many to pray and intercede for one evangelist and not one responded. He died from a hornet’s sting. The son testified this after he heard from more than twenty people who told him that they heard the Lord calling them to pray for his father but they did not. They did not respond because at that time the evangelist was well and healthy and was not in danger. They presumed that they heard the Lord wrongly.

This presumptuous mistake is common among us. For example, we normally would look for signs like, is a bad storm or  earthquake looming near the horizon? When there is fine weather or no signs of anything abnormal in the natural we would assume nothing would happen and so we pray a short official prayer and go back to sleep. Most times watchmen and intercessors never know the result of their prayers as they are called to pray preventive prayers. When their prayers work, nothing would happen. So they would not know whether they have prayed correctly or not.

Of course those who pray for the much needed rain and suitable weather and or other natural resources to be provided can see their results. However, like Elijah, many have to pray many times before the rain comes, or seeing the symptoms of sickness gone completely. They can never be sure of whether such positive outcomes are attributable to their fervent prayers.

So, being a watchman and intercessor is not an enviable profession. No one pays us. No one rewards us. Not many believe we are called.

On the other hand, the called and faithful one always knows. It is like salvation. The one saved by faith hears the Gospel of Jesus, believes, and knows he or she is saved. Likewise, the Bible says those born again are born of the Holy Spirit. How do we know we have the Holy Spirit? The Bible says so. We believe the Word of God. We walk by faith and not by sight. We are led by the Spirit and not by flesh. Watchman too.

Sons of God are led by the Spirit of God. The watchmen are required to walk further steps of faith by more focused listening and seeing spiritual reality and act accordingly. Watching and praying in the Spirit. Interceding according to the Word of God as revealed to us at particular moments. Praying and reading the Word until the morning star dawns in our hearts.

The Lord always gives us prompting and confirmation from His words. He does not go against His words. So we always align what we hear with the Bible. What is the will of God? What is God’s nature? What does God really says? Jesus’ ministry on earth showed us how a watchman and intercessor should function. In the New testament, prior to the birth of Jesus, there were two solid examples: Simeon and Anna, a man and a woman, both watching and praying for the prophesied arrival of the Messiah. They knew when He arrived. They saw and discerned among all the thousands of babies this particular One was the One. Prior to Jesus’ ministry, John the Baptist was another solid example of watchman and intercessor.

Watchman must hear, see and discern spiritually. A deaf, blind and dull in heart ‘watchman’ will be of no use in this realm. Let us remind ourselves what Jesus had urged everyone, Mark 13:9 “But watch out for yourselves…37 And what I say to you, I say to all: Watch!”

(for those interested to know how a watchman was called and what a watchman did and how he was equipped…please read the book of Ezekiel. You will marvel at how the Lord’s Spirit enabled and empowered him to see, hear, understand and act upon God’s instructions faithfully in great details and accuracy! )

like Jesus - watchman and pray
like Jesus – watchman and pray

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