Worship and praise forevermore

At this late hour it may be a bit late for some Christians to learn to worship and praise God in spirit and in truth, just as the Lord Jesus has said God wants us to do.

This watchman used to think that way. However, after being filled with the Holy Spirit , this foremost ministry to God for each individual has come supernaturally. In the presence of the Lord , praise and sing in the spirit is effortless.

Often the songs come and flow like the gentle breeze or the flowing stream. Sometimes they become rapid and powerful like strong wind blowing or the urgent marching of footsteps.

Words from the Bible come too. Sometimes in the midst of worship. Sometimes at the end of it. Often they appear in the songs sung in the spirit.

Songs are interspersed with prayers as the Holy Spirit leads.

Worship in spirit is indeed a full time lifestyle. The New Creation lifestyle. A heavenly citizen lifestyle.

The book of Revelation clearly shows this. Worshiping the everlasting God is a forevermore lifestyle.