How to encounter the power of the presence of God

faith in action led by the Spirit
faith in action led by the Spirit

A half year’s sent out journey in the Holy Spirit opened up learning in practical faith in action and encountering more spiritual reality in sailing onto alien deep and raging uncharted water by faith.

A review summary :

Requirements : faith in action ; just launch out when sent by the Holy Spirit. No looking back.  Burning bridges if needed.

Strategy : the Holy Spirit

External/physical conditions : real tough unfriendly foreign weather which may be described biblically as refiner’s fire for the Levites. Totally dying to self and stripping down to bare necessity.

Internal/Spiritual conditions : may be described as having nothing of one’s own to relay upon and no resources from man. God alone is the key. God is the focus. God’s way is the only path to move forward without a navigation chart.

In practice , it means daily staying full of the refreshing presence of God through praise and worship in spirit and in truth, reading and listening and at times even copying His words, praying and singing in spirit, making disciples in the Holy Spirit !

Classes conducted as led by the Holy Spirit : daily hearing from the Lord, obeying His prompts, practicing following His voice (inaudible ). It means we couldn’t follow our agenda. Often the Lord sent forth His words only when we were ready to start.

Curriculum : praying and singing in the spirit, reading the Bible , copying the Bible , worship in spirit and in truth , learning to walk with the Lord Jesus in the gospels. Taking authority as sons and daughters of God as given by the name of Jesus . Both classroom teaching and discussion and activity based (including prophetic faith in action). Led by the Holy Spirit.

Breakthrough took place. The Lord was working with those who believed and the bold sharing of His words and possessing of new ground for His kingdom. He confirmed His words with accompanying signs. Salvation and healing took place. The Holy Spirit breathed life into the slumbering and woke up even the very dry bones. Mark 16:20

Read : Mark 16:15-20; Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 1:8.

Worship in Spirit and in Truth
Worship in Spirit and in Truth

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