3 am class: watching by the Spirit

Sometimes the watchman receives a message at midnight. It has not been an easy season due to the weather. As this is an arid land and it has not rained for months even the deep wells are drying up too. At night it cools down slightly and people try to sleep and rest after a really hot and tiring day. So, what important words the Lord wants to say when a person is kept wide awake at midnight and carries the first watch for the time 12-3am?
This is the message today. Romans 7 and Romans 8, the contrast between walking by the Spirit of God (Christ) and walking by one’s own flesh (physical and mental efforts). I shall use a table to present the summarized points taken from Romans 7 and Romans :1-27. Please read the two chapters yourselves. I included verses from both KJV Bible and NLT Bible.



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