wake-up call: teaching and receiving

wake up!
wake up!

It was a time when the apostles and disciples of Jesus waited at the upper room for the Holy Spirit out-pour on them. On the Pentecostal Day it happened. What does this mean to a Christian today? Was it a part of the church history? Or is it a present day expectation too?

Today the spiritual watchman went with friends to a beautiful new church. this was his first visit. As the musicians played their music and the singers sang their songs on the stage flooded with a rotation of different colours of lights, he listened in his spirit, sang and prayed in the spirit. He wanted to see the brilliant, white light which he had seen in previous times when his spirit aligned with the Lord’s Spirit. As he prayed, and drew real close to the Lord, he saw the colour in his mind changed gradually from darkness (regardless of the beautiful colourful light beams that modern technology was displaying) to light. But it was not the bright white light he expected in his spirit.

Here was the conversation he had in the spirit:

“Lord, why am I not seeing the white light?”

“Because there is no word.”

“But there must be words. This is a thriving church.”

“Not enough word.”

“But these are leaders who love Jesus and are Jesus-focused.”

“Not enough word.”


This is not the first time he heard, “Not enough word.” The sermon that followed the worship was a teaching of the Old Testament. Well presented with multimedia. The audience was asked to participate in the reading of the Bible verses on the screen. Why is there still not enough of God’s words? What does this mean?

He recalled that Jesus has clearly explained, “It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing.The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life.” (John 6:63) For several months the watchman has been engaged in a very time consuming assignment and has spent practically all his waking time working on it. He suffers from lack of sleep and rest in the Lord. When he ponders over this morning’s encounter, he realizes that he too suffers from lack of the words in his spirit. The dryness creeps in and saps his spiritual strength. It has happened over a period of a few weeks! Jesus taught His disciples to pray this, “Give us today our daily bread.” The watchman has starved himself by not asking for his daily bread (the word) from the Lord. In recent months the watchman has stopped teaching the words due to people being too busy to listen. After a few reminders that they just could not spare their time he made an exit bow. When he stopped teaching, he has stopped feeding.

Why? What is the connection between teaching and receiving? While teaching others daily, he finds that he is growing daily as he too fervently devours the words of God. While giving, he is receiving. The measure he uses to give others the words of God, is the same measure the Lord uses to give him his nourishment, often overflowing…

This is the conclusion the spiritual watchman received today.


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