a grandma’s testimony

The watchman was recently given the opportunity to meet an elderly intercessor grandma in late 70s. Her own mother died when she was a baby and she was raised by her grandparents until she was old enough to attend elementary school. She encountered Jesus and the awesome love of God when she was a young girl filled with hunger and hurt. The experience transformed her. She forgave those who inflicted the hurt. She rose above the past and emerged a victorious overcomer! When she spoke of her first encounter with Jesus and how God has loved her so much to send Him to die for her, her eyes turned red and teary.

One thing that struck the watchman was this godly woman’s firm faith and love for God. She has walked closely with Jesus for over 60 years. She is still filled with passion for souls and her greatest and first love Jesus. She declares that all she wants to do is to share the Gospel with those who are still lost. She has done this one thing over the last 60 years and is still going strong. She has many spiritual children and grandchildren. She has raised her own godly children too.

When asked how she had walked so intimately close with the Lord, she said,

“I hungered for His words after I was Spirit-filled, so I read the Bible. When I read the words of God, I believe they are real and I practice them. The more I read and believe and practice the more real they become to me. The more they become alive to me, the closer I experience God.” She then shared some of her own and others’ divine healing examples and the power of the Holy Spirit in the words of God she proclaimed when she encountered any form of injuries or sicknesses. I could perceive that she is filled with the Spirit of the Lord and she lives the life of the citizen of the Kingdom of God. She uses the Sword of the Spirit. What a godly grandma!

Another thing that stood out was that while evangelizing, she had her own successful and fruit-bearing tent-making profession until retirement. She raised a godly family and ministered to her ‘unbelieving’ (for many years until conversion) husband too. She said her key word is, ‘hold fast’ to her confession of Jesus as her number one! To equip herself in the words of God she took a part-time course for three years and graduated with honors.

She shared an example of how she practices God’s words, “After I read the teaching on tithing, I decided and started tithing. I earned a monthly wage of $350 then and I tithed $35. After that my income increased and I continued to tithe. By the time I earned $2000-$3000 I tithed $200-300 comfortably. After I retired I asked the Lord to give me a monthly income so that I could continue to tithe and the Lord has done that. The sum of money I receive monthly from my children is at the level which affords an unchanged amount of tithe.”

Prior to saying goodbye, she held our hands and blessed all of us who were present. The watchman perceived the blessing flowing with the power of the Lord in her and the Bible verses she pronounced with such strength and conviction came alive.

a godly business woman LydiaWatchman’s end notes: I have been shown more and more of these old guards of the faith in recent years. Many have walked with Jesus over 50 years. what is the message for me? ‘Hold fast and press forward’.


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