A day before Yom Kippur

This blog post in 2011 is still relevant this year. Nothing much has changed in the physical except that this watchman has had more experiences in fasting and praying, not just on Yom Kippur day. The goal remains the same – to align with God’s purpose for His people, the called and the chosen. Jesus has said: “Enter through the narrow gate. Many are called but few are chosen.” The truth is, you can be a chosen too when you follow Him by faith.

AAAJ watchman

The watchman has decided to keep Yom Kippur – day of atonement (full fast of food and water for 25 hours from Sundown to Sundown following Jerusalem’s time)  this year. He has prepared his heart and spirit for the past two weeks and now the day will arrive soon. On this eve he carries out the following:

1. Set goal for the day of fast and repentance, as a watchman standing in the gap. His Goal: to seek God and intercede for Israel before God.

2. Ask and listen to the Holy Spirit on how to spend the next day. Activities: Fast, repent, read and proclaim God’s words.

3. Prepare himself in his body: He has two main meals to stock up on protein, carb., fibre and plenty of water. (During the previous year’s Yom Kippur, he had a hard time when he fasted water as well as food. Fasting water was very tough for him!)


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