This was written quite some years ago. Today it is still relevant. Christians are spiritual beings. We see the unseen. We live supernaturally. Our loved ones who have passed on are not lost forever. They are with the Lord. We shall meet them one day. They are witnesses in faith cheering us on in this journey on earth.

AAAJ watchman

mercy of God in Jesus

After reading a bad news the watchman is touched to put down some thoughts today .Although many do not like this subject, it is unavoidable. One day it comes suddenly and takes away the lid which you have placed on this part of your emotion. It floods through your whole being. The pain would be unbearable at most times.

The watchman had witnessed a stoic pastor coping with grief. He lost his eldest daughter (around fifteen years old then) when she fell into her tub and drowned while taking a bath and an epileptic seizure took her life. He was brave in the funeral singing hymns and encouraging others. But overnight he aged. He became very very old. How do ordinary Christians deal with grief? In the case of his own family, he also encountered two death in the last five years. In his experience not one family can avoid…

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