(updated 12-30-15) chapter 42: finding purpose in life through fasting and prayer

How to set 2016 New Year Resolutions? Here is the way of a watchman.

AAAJ watchman

Isaiah 5511Update on 2015-12-30:  Another goal for fasting and prayer is to find purpose in life. A good way to set New Year Resolutions for another year! How many new years does one have over a life time? Not many. God sets chronological demarcations for human beings to rest, recall, review, realign, refresh, rebound, and become real. The goal is to become real. Be real to God and let God be real to us.


An average person would not be satisfied with living from day to day knowing that one day all men must die and leave this earth without knowing why he had come to this life in the first place. One can find out about others’ life purpose by reading, studying and watching others. We can watch others growing up, being gainfully occupied with career, family, friends and may be hobbies, social work and religions etc. We tend to…

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