2015 in blogging (a summary)

Jesus kingI want to thank WordPress for the opportunity to blog here. When I first decided to move from my former site in 2009 I chose WordPress because the name “Word” attracted me. The following information is from the WordPress. These are the posts that received the most views in 2015. You may read the year’s most-viewed posts by clicking the following links:


This blog was viewed about 21,000 times in 2015. Visitors are from 162 countries out of the total 224 countries in the world. Visitors come from all continents and many islands. There are now 1232 posts in this blog, 216,399 views from 49,810 visitors. The use of English language is common round the world even to the most remote corner.


Why do I blog? I believe the main reason is based on this Bible verse from Jeremiah 20:9 which I received yesterday when I prayed, as follows:

“His word in my heart is like a fire”.

I pray that this New Year of 2016 will see more of the Lord’s people being built up spiritually and strong in the inner man. These few days are a time for fasting and praying to seek clarity in the direction ahead. The keyword I have received so far is “HARVEST’. A YEAR OF HARVEST.

What does God care most for mankind? Salvation of all men and none is to be left-behind. How do we align ourselves with this goal of the Kingdom of God being activated on earth as it is in heaven? We have the Bible and the Holy Spirit. This twin-key will continue be my writing focus in 2016. I pray the Spirit of wisdom and revelation for every Christian who reads this blog. Have a year of “harvest” for the King in your own “field”.



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