who are the sunset harvest workers? God is calling

sunset harvest workerThis post continues with the previous two on the urgent and intense call to work on the sunset harvest field. Who are the qualified workers? When I ponder this question I become amazed at the large number of available workers who are qualified and willing. Yes, you will be amazed too. In the following I am using one particular task-related area of ministry as an illustration to show how you may become one of the called workers.

In my list of qualifications you would have read how much you already have. I am talking to an ordinary man and woman who are not totally cut off from modern civilization. A user of mobile phone. An ordinary Christian who has been attending church regularly and receiving Bible teaching as part of their normal lives. A middle age adult who is pondering his or her own retirement life and asking the Lord for direction. A believer of Jesus who is touched by His love and is willing to demonstrate the same to others (either pre-believers/seekers or new believers).

Knowing how to use a mobile phone to access the vast storehouse of Christian resources online is now universal among believers in the developed nations. In the developing nations the Christians are catching up on this but are somewhat hindered by language barrier. The resources need to be first translated into their respective national language to be accessible and understood by the nationals. Many still do not know or use the English language fluently. Many find the accent and the speed of English speaking difficult to follow or grasp.

If you already have the knowledge of how to use a mobile phone to access the internet, and knowledge of the Bible and the love of God has compelled you, and you want to demonstrate God’s love to your neighbor, all you have to do is to learn the foreign language you are led in your spirit to know and minister in. Learn enough to communicate verbally about God and the Bible. Learn mobile phone terminologies. Practice on your own mobile phone, switching to the foreign language and use it for all functions! Have the foreign language Christian audio Bible and multimedia Christian resources installed. When you are comfortable being a user, you are all set.

The next step is to pray and ask the Lord to bring you to such a neighbor, probably an elderly person sitting in a corner near the door in the worship hall, an old person sitting in the park bench, or anywhere in a public area- mobile phone service center, internet provider center, retail outlet, shopping mall, public library, place where the older people are left for daycare- usually an older person who is alone and looks alone. The Lord will let you know. In my most recent case, twice (in separate occasions and separate places) an elderly person (a woman and a man respectively) approached me to help teach them to use the mobile phone for internet. Then they shared about their seeker’s life or new Christian life. They asked questions about the practical aspects of the Bible. They showed their hunger for God and the abundant life Jesus has promised to His flock/sheep. They showed their longing for friendship in fellowship with other Christians. They showed their conviction and faith in this God whom they believed is the true God. They gave their own conversion testimonies eagerly. They voiced what they expected from church.

You would not be mistaken. You can see how their eyes sparkle at the mention of the name of Jesus. You can see hope rising in them. Your reward: right in front of you. You see the love of God rising in you and in that person who receives it too. Just be available and you shall be rewarded in ways beyond you can ever think of or imagine.

Me too. After my sharing with the new Christian man under the hot sun for a few hours I went home. I felt the heat and discomfort. So I drank lots of water, had a shower, and rested. The next day I woke to find that a long standing physical issue I had vanished totally. I was amazed. But our God is the amazing and awesome God. The verse that I gave to that brother from Matthew 6:33 became mine too! I was healed while I shared healing with the brother in need.

1 Corinthians 13:13 And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

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