watchman’s adventure: reaching a blogging landmark: 222233

a watchman for GodWhen I first started blogging I started in Yahoo. Yahoo! 360° was a social networking and personal communication portal operated by Yahoo! made available in 2005. It enabled users to create personal web sites, share photos. 360° also featured a ‘friends updates’ section, under which each friend’s latest update was summarized (e.g. blog posts, updated lists or newly shared photos). This service was never officially launched; Yahoo! prematurely stopped developing this service in 2008. After that I had to move. I had several options and I had chosen to use mainly WordPress and Blogger. Somehow I tended to use WordPress more than the others. It has been an interesting journey using the variety of themes and fonts. Over the years I have set up several blogs each with a distinctive purpose and audience focus. Whilst I sometimes rely on feedback and needs communicated by friends and media, most times I rely on the Lord Himself to tell me what to write for the day when I seek Him. Reading the Bible and typing out the verses give me the momentum and motivation day by day.
How did I become a sort of spiritual ‘watchman’? I really cannot tell. I have no specific recall of when and how now. If I have to pinpoint a time, I would say it was after I read a book by a non-believer writer who wrote a book about his spending one year as a secular Jew trying to live the religious Jewish way of life according to Jewish religious tradition. It prompted me to start the spiritual journey to seek God seriously as a Christian. During the journey I encountered the Holy Spirit. I experienced the reality of God. I re-established my relationship with God through Jesus, my Lord and Savior. I was filled by the Holy Spirit. I re-kindled my passion for the words of God, the Bible. Whilst many may use their blogs as a social networking platform and inter-personal communication portal, somehow I have not managed to go that broad way. This watchman blog remains a one way message platform. I merely post what I believe I have received from the Lord. Most of my readers come from search engines. To me the readership is a miracle itself. From time to time the Lord opened a flood gate somewhere and a large group of viewers poured in. I really cannot attribute the sudden influx of numbers to my own effort in any way. Ten years went by so quickly that I no longer keep time these days. Daily I wake and know I just have to give thanks for another day of life in the merciful and awesome presence of the Lord. Sometimes I do have a wistful thought that I should write better and in a more political correct way. But I am immediately reminded of the calling I received. Yes, a call indeed. A lonely solitary watchman’s call.