Lent 2017: random words on what to eat or drink for Daniel fast (3/24/17)

cambodian-dishes-pumpkin-custard-editThere are 21 days (from 3/24 to 4/13) to Good Friday. Readers who want to fast but are not sure of which fast to choose, here is a good suggestion, The Daniel’s Fast.

AAAJ watchman

on the subject of food and drink for Daniel fast, the watchman is led to say some random words. There are many recipes on the internet. He shares his own experience below.

there is no need to follow recipes unless you absolutely have no ideas of what to eat and how to prepare food. the main thing about fasting is you need to be focused on your goals, both for your personal issues and for the corporate issues that the Lord has prompted you when you decide to start a fast. thoughts about cooking and getting the right ingredients hamper and distract you from reaching your goals. be divine. that means you need not bother at all of what to eat or drink and what to avoid. the overall idea is to avoid heavy and meaty food. your overall goal is to hear God and abide in Jesus. Let Jesus’ victorious…

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