Chapter Seventy-five: A watchman’s prophetic acts

A watchman has to see with his spirit and not his mind, to reach God’s rich supernatural resources. The Holy Spirit provides the way to such vision.

AAAJ watchman

taking jericho
Often Jack has found that the things he is required to do are insignificant and at times foolish in others’ eyes. When he read the Bible he found that many faithful watchmen were asked to do ridiculous acts. He lists some of the more prominent ones as follows:
Noah was asked to build an ark on dry land based on God’s specifications for his family and two of every sort of living things (possibly becoming the greatest laughing stock among the inhabitants of that land then). (Genesis 6-7)
Moses was asked to lift up his rod and stretch out his hand over the Red Sea in front of at least two millions of panicky people under death threat by the powerful enemy army close at their heels. (Exodus 14)
Joshua was asked to march daily once around the Jericho city walls  for six consecutive days, with seven priests bearing seven…

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