Bible diagram tools to record and share revelation knowledge

I have a passion to create and use Bible diagrams to help Bible study. Bible study diagrams can be used to generate, visualize, structure, and classify ideas, and as an aid to studying and organizing Bible information, getting answers to problems, making decisions, and teaching small groups. Unlike other diagrams, Bible diagrams require the spirit to be involved. The Bible is inspired by the Holy Spirit and contains spiritual truth. Only the author Himself (the Holy Spirit) can guide us into all truth and has the power to set captive free and transform lives. Knowledge and forms cannot substitute revelation from the Holy Spirit.

I use the term “Bible diagram” to describe the visual record I used to store and share the revealed knowledge I receive from reading the Bible, specifically, verse by verse or chapter by chapter.

Here is an illustration from reading the first four chapters of the Book of Hebrews, a less studied book compared to other New Testament’s books. I pray you are encouraged to do your own Bible reading in the visual way as a tool to memorize the revealed truth you receive. Believe me, it is a worthwhile challenge!

Hebrews 1-2: God spoke twice
Hebrews 1-2: Who is Jesus?
Hebrews 1-2: What did Jesus do?
Hebrews three: God’s house -unsinkable
Hebrews four: God’s words -invincible sword

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