How to make wealth in this time (2020)? session two -Q and A

Deuteronomy 8:18 God gives power to make wealth

Answering your many questions, to make wealth, let us put first thing first, starting with a right attitude towards wealth. Lacking the correct knowledge of God deprives Christians from having the abundant (SOZO) life that Jesus announced (John 10:10). Do meditate on the mind changing tools (right answers to your questions) as follows:

  1. Does God prefer Christians to remain poor? Did Jesus say blessed are the poor? No. Jesus says, blessed are the poor in spirit. Poor in spirit doesn’t mean having no money. Matthew 5:3 talks about the right attitude when we seek God. The humble will be exalted. No, God does not have favoritism.
    • Not only Jesus received financial support from the rich believers, the apostles too.
    • Jesus Himself has promised His followers riches and wellbeing in our physical lives. John 10:10 (The SOZO —total wellness life: health, wealth and good relationship)
    • God promises the same riches and prosperity from the very beginning. Adam and Eve have a good life with no worry about material lack. God assures Abraham and indeed gives riches to him, his son Isaac and grand son Jacob. ” “I will bless you … and you shall be a blessing” Genesis 12:2. God promises the same blessings to all who are of faith (Galatian 3:9,29)
    • God’s grace is abounding toward you to prosper you 2 Corinthians 9:8-10 God promises supplies of capital (seed), multiplication of the capital (the seed you have sown) you have invested, and increase the returns (fruits). He is able to make all grace (favor) abound toward you, so that you have all sufficiency in all things.
  2. Does the Bible say that money is evil? No. The money is not evil. The Bible says the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. Because greediness causes people to stray from faith and pierce themselves through with many sorrows. 1 Timothy 6:10.
    • The Bible assures that God’s blessing (financial) makes a person rich and does not add any sorrow (burden) with it. Proverbs 10:22.
  3. Are we to use money anyhow? No. Money comes with good stewardship. God expects good stewardship when He gives His people the ability to make wealth. In the promises of God’s grace to prosper you, there are expectations. God expects you to use the money wisely and righteously and the abundance of wealth will contribute to every good work. 2 Corinthians 9:1-14.
    • God expects those who have to help feed the poorer Christians when disasters strike. The Gentiles Christians elsewhere donated large sums of money to help their Jewish brethren in Jerusalem church during famine in Jerusalem.
  4. What does the Bible really teach about money? Many things. Here is a summary of the most important ones.
    • It teaches us not to try getting money by short cut because wealth can sprout wings and fly away. It is not a permanent thing . Proverbs 23:5
    • God prefers diligence in work. There are at least 31 Bible Verses about Reward For Works. e.g. Psalm 62:12 God recompenses a man according to his work. 1 Corinthians 3:8 Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward according to his own labor.
    • Instruct those who are rich in the present age not to be conceited and not to put their hope in the uncertainty of wealth, but in God, who richly provides all things for us to enjoy. 1 Timothy 6:17-18
  5. The Bible says we are to be contented with what we have. (1 Timothy 6:6). Does that mean we are not to make more money? The answer is no. Read the verse in context. It refers to ungodly people who love money above God, thereby falling into temptation and a snare, many foolish and harmful lusts which will cause them to stray further away from God and into destruction and perdition. 1 Timothy 6:9-10. Paul teaches that we are to love God regardless of the physical condition and a consistent lifestyle of godliness will enable us to overcome circumstances. 1 Timothy 6:11-12
  6. Why do some Christians fail in business? It is the same reason as why others fail. There are many factors and variables. I will discuss this subject later in a separate session. A key verse to remember: “Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit.” Proverbs 23:4
  7. Why do some churches/Christian preachers and teachers persecute those who preach/teach prosperity among Christians? I have pondered over this and asked the Lord. What I receive in my spirit is “look at the persecutors’ true motives/agenda”. The persecutors themselves live in material comforts and prosperity. Why do they prefer not to teach their own flocks this important principle? There can be a number of reasons/excuses which can be summarized into one word, “fear”. Fear of raising the hope of people and causing people to feel disappointed when failing to prosper, resulting that they leave the leader/preacher and go to another church/organization where there is power to make wealth!
  8. Do all Christians have better “ability” to make wealth? lf people start at the same level (hierarchy), some will inevitably surpass their peers because of their natural abilities/endowments, diligence and commitment to work, strength in character to overcome obstacles, etc. Thus, those who are “naturals” and/or inclined to work would end up on the upper side of the hierarchy in a society that honors and rewards such abilities and characters, Christians or non-Christians. The Bible says God gives His people the ability to make wealth. How to reconcile this statement with the aforementioned? I will discuss this subject in more details in another session.
    • But you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who is giving you power to make wealth, that He may confirm His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day. Deuteronomy 8:18 (NASB)

How to make wealth in this time (2020)? An introduction

financial power God’s way

Woken by the Spirit at 1am. I realize that I need to write a new series about God’s economics and finance and how to leverage our talents and time in these strange days. The last time I wrote on this subject was in 2016 before and after the Brexit, and the American presidential election. I have received accurate download from the Lord twice, prior Brexit, and then prior Trump’s success in terms of economics and finance. I would like to continue what I had left off.

There are two prerequisites: You must have the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. You must have the words of God because it is the spiritual building materials that the Holy Spirit uses. It is the main channels/media of communication between God and you. The Holy Spirit is the power that moves the building blocks.

In this introduction, I would use the Bible principles to set the foundation, on which I have built and prospered for nearly four decades after my first encounter with the Holy Spirit.

The principle: This is of utmost importance because in the spiritual realm only God’s words count. The physical manifestation of wealth comes from spiritual wisdom downloaded when you practice the principle.

The book of Ephesians is a heavenly book. It is a supernatural conquest handbook. (In the Old Testament you can find a semblance of it in the book of Joshua). We shall read and be guided by 5:1-20.

  1. Things not to do 1-14: Don’t copy what the world does. What the world is doing is simplistic. AI (artificial intelligence) and algorithm can do the job. How do you know/discern what are worthless and even evil so that you can avoid them? To sum up, the verses clearly contrast what God’s way is like and we are required to emulate Him. God is light and those who walk closely with God would receive revelation to expose darkness. One detecting pointer is see their motives/intentions. Two main things to avoid: greed and immorality. Don’t go there. Don’t even talk their talk. Words have power!
  2. Things to do 15-20: This is the important positive action part on the what and how. I will discuss in details, verse by verse: The Holy Spirit (through the pen of Paul) always shows two scenarios/options, a wrong way and a right way. The good news is He will also advise you to choose the right way for your own good! The Bible calls one the godless fool’s way. And the right way is the godly wise way.
    1. Live the right lifestyle of a wise person: Verse 15 says we have to be careful how we live. Carefully observe and copy the godly and wise, who are already successful. List out the characteristics of a godly and wise man in the Bible, ask the Lord to bring you to such a person(s).
    2. Make the best use of your asset —time: verse 16 says make the most of every opportunity. This verse warns that evil days do come to the rest of the world. And you are in the midst of it. The key is to identify the good opportunity because it comes too.
    3. Thinking is just as important as acting: verse 17 says you can find out and understand through thinking (meditating on the words of God) the best strategies for acting on the opportunity. As you think, talk to the Lord and ask Him. Listen to Him. He will always answer when you ask. God answers through an inner voice (not necessary audible), His words, and/or other confirmations (e.g. a godly trustworthy person’s advice). Read His words and pray over them usually help me to hear Him accurately.
    4. Follow/act on what you have downloaded from God through the above action of meditating on His words. The most important thing is know it is His will for you. What He really wants you to do. Should you buy or sell that particular stock? Should you invest in that business? When you are sure you have the correct will of God, go ahead and finish the deal. One key is to check your motive. If your motive is not aligned with the words of God, leave the deal alone. Don’t go there!
    5. Use His supernatural communication channel/media: The Holy Spirit is the God’s direct way of communicating to us. Verse 18. We need the Holy Spirit working in us, to download the knowledge and wisdom that only God knows, about what is ahead and what to buy or sell at what time and what price. The Holy Spirit helps us to check our motive and alerts us when we are motivated by greed and pride and other “evil motives”. The Holy Spirit gives us sensitivity and practically draws us into the spiritual realm and see the unseen future.
    6. The tools that you can use to increase your sensitivity to what God is revealing to you about what you intend to do (e.g. your intention to buy or sell a stock, invest in an asset etc): verse 19 says you are to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs among yourselves, and making music to the Lord in your hearts! Yes, I haven’t quoted wrongly. The Bible really says so. It is actually one of the most effective weapons for conquest! The Bible recorded at least two historical incidents whereby this worked mightily and His people successfully conquered the enemies and made great exploits just by singing and making music to the Lord! (Read Joshua’s victory in the book of Joshua 6 and 2 Chronicles 20 on king Jehoshaphat’s victory). Yes, business transactions are another form of conquest. There are spiritual movements involved.
    7. Always have the right attitude: verse 20 says, give thanks for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Giving thanks means acknowledging that what we have achieved (including worldly wealth) is all because of God’s grace, free gift to us from God. Mean it!

There are two words which we must understand in this conquest:

The word “thanks” in Ephesians 5:20 is defined as follows in HELPS Word-studies as : 2168 euxaristéō (from 2095 /eú, “good” and 5485/xaris, “grace”) – properly, acknowledging that “God’s grace works well,” i.e. for our eternal gain and His glory; to give thanks – literally, “thankful for God’s good grace.”

The word “economy/economy (as used in 1 Timothy 1:4) is defined in Strong’s Concordance as 3622 oikonomía (from 3621 /oikonoméō, “a steward, managing a household“) – properly, a stewardship, management (administration), i.e. where a person looks after another’s affairs (resources).

Keys to acquiring and sustaining economic/financial success in God’s way:

  1. Acknowledge that it is God’s grace that gives us wealth.
  2. Be a good and faithful steward over the wealth you have received.

By Kainotes, August 29, 2020

Are you called by God? How do you know you are called?

Does God call specific persons for ministry? Are you called by God? How do you know you are called? These are some important questions Christians often ask. We can learn from famous Bible characters and contemporary “ministers” (servers). In a post I just published in 50% perspective blog I have explored one famous example. Here is an excerpt:

The Samaritan woman is a good example. Don’t be surprised. She was called by Jesus personally at a divine appointment and she responded and became the first woman evangelist during the ministry of Jesus on earth. 

Here is a brief summary of the points I discussed in greater details in the following post:

God always provides an appointed time to let you know;  you will hear/discern and respond; God will start the initiative of the call. You will take the opportunity to explore the specific; God will give you proofs; God makes sure that you will respond and act upon it; God ensures that there will be results; you will be healed (including inner healing) (the woman is healed of her inner hurt); your life will be transformed (the woman’s life is obviously transformed); God gives you grace to complete the call.

Kainotes, August 27, 2020

My prayer today: all grace abounding toward you

My prayer: All Grace Abounding toward you

Ephesians 1:8-10

which He made to abound toward us in all wisdom and [a]prudence, 9 having made known to us the mystery of His will, according to His good pleasure which He purposed in Himself, 10 that in the dispensation of the fullness of the times He might gather together in one all things in Christ, [b]both which are in heaven and which are on earth—in Him.

Footnotes: Ephesians 1:8 understandingEphesians; 1:10 NU, M omit both

Ephesians 2:8-10

For by grace you have been saved through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God, 9 not of works, lest anyone should boast. 10 For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.

Ephesians 3:16-20

that He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man, 17 that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith; that you, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height— 19 to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge; that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

20 Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us,

Paul’s fearlessness: right priority right time right target

2 Corinthians 2:14

Today I am back to 2 Corinthians on why Paul was fearless against all odds. Chapter 2 showed a different Paul from the evangelistic goal-focused apostle Paul we may imagine he was. I summarize below my deeper understanding after reading this part of his letter to the Corinth Christians.

Chapter 2: Pauls’ Ministry of the body of Christ -Paul teaches the right priority in ministry, motive and manner in handling the body of Christ.

  1. He clarified that his ministry was not to bring sorrow to himself and/or the body of Christ but joy: through forgiving, comforting, reaffirming God’s love.
  2. He showed his concern for the body of Christ which took precedence over his personal ministry. For example, he wanted to follow through their progress in Christ. So he chose to forego an opportunity to preach gospel at Troas and instead returned to Macedonia to wait for his co-worker Titus whom he expected to bring the latest news about the Corinthian body of Christ.
  3. Paul followed the Holy Spirit and the peace in his heart. When he did not find rest in his heart he decided not to start an evangelical work in a new place alone despite the valuable opportunity offered. He also followed the rule that they worked in a team of two or more (he, Titus and others).
  4. Whilst in the midst of uncertainty with his flocks at Corinth: their spiritual condition and his (and his team’s) relationship with them, he remained calm and confident of the positive outcome and described the work of the evangelists always in triumph in Christ because it is God who initiates the work and causes the victory to manifest.
  5. He has personally experienced the God-initiated work which always gives life and triumph over death and doom.
  6. Paul was confident with the Corinth Christians because he was fearless to preach the word of God with sincerity and authority in Christ. He wanted them well. He had God’s heart for them.

how a talking donkey saved a prophet

Balaam and donkey
Balaam, donkey and angel with sword

How did a donkey save a prophet? Why was the donkey, an apparently dumb weight-bearing animal, able to see into the spiritual realm but his master the prophet remained blinded? The following account gives us the answer.

Food for thought: God can enable even an animal see, understand and talk sense. What did the animal gain? He had faithfully served his master since the day he was owned. How did the master treat the donkey? Was Balaam grateful that his donkey saved him from instant death? Did he repent and set the donkey free from bondage? There was no record of any kind acts on the part of Balaam. Instead he went on to his personal destruction in a subsequent war against Israel. If he made his donkey accompany him it could mean that the donkey was killed in the war too due to the personal greed for power and money of his master. Sad end for a gifted prophet and his faithful donkey. Take note that God spoke and warned Balaam repeatedly. He even used the donkey to prevent Balaam from self-destruction.

Meditate on this:
1 Corinthians 1:21 For since, in the wisdom of God, the world through wisdom did not know God, it pleased God through the foolishness of the message preached to save those who believe.

The account of a faithful talking donkey who saved his master’s life:

“Then the children of Israel moved, and camped in the plains of Moab on the side of the Jordan across from Jericho.
Now Balak (king of Moab)saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites (already defeated by the Israelites). And Moab was exceedingly afraid of the people because they were many, and Moab was sick with dread because of the children of Israel. ..Then he sent messengers to Balaam (a prophet powerful in cursing) call him, saying: “Look, a people has come from Egypt. See, they cover the face of the earth, and are settling next to me! Therefore please come at once, curse this people for me, for they are too mighty for me. Perhaps I shall be able to defeat them and drive them out of the land, for I know that he whom you bless is blessed, and he whom you curse is cursed.”

So the elders …came to Balaam and spoke to him …So Balaam said to God, “Balak…king of Moab, has sent to me, saying, ‘….’”

And God said to Balaam, “You shall not go with them; you shall not curse the people, for they are blessed.”

…Then Balak again sent princes, more numerous and more honorable than they…“Thus says Balak..: ‘Please let nothing hinder you from coming to me; for I will certainly honor you greatly, and I will do whatever you say to me. Therefore please come, curse this people for me.’”

…So Balaam rose in the morning, saddled his donkey, and went with the princes of Moab.

Interaction between Balaam, the Donkey, and the Angel:

Then God’s anger was aroused because he went, and the Angel of the Lord took His stand in the way as an adversary against him. And he was riding on his donkey, and his two servants were with him. Now the donkey saw the Angel of the Lord standing in the way with His drawn sword in His hand, and the donkey turned aside out of the way and went into the field. So Balaam struck the donkey to turn her back onto the road. Then the Angel of the Lord stood in a narrow path between the vineyards, with a wall on this side and a wall on that side. And when the donkey saw the Angel of the Lord, she pushed herself against the wall and crushed Balaam’s foot against the wall; so he struck her again. Then the Angel of the Lord went further, and stood in a narrow place where there was no way to turn either to the right hand or to the left. And when the donkey saw the Angel of the Lord, she lay down under Balaam; so Balaam’s anger was aroused, and he struck the donkey with his staff.

Then the Lord opened the mouth of the donkey, and she said to Balaam, “What have I done to you, that you have struck me these three times?”

And Balaam said to the donkey, “Because you have abused me. I wish there were a sword in my hand, for now I would kill you!”

So the donkey said to Balaam, “Am I not your donkey on which you have ridden, ever since I became yours, to this day? Was I ever disposed to do this to you?”

And he said, “No.”

Then the Lord opened Balaam’s eyes, and he saw the Angel of the Lord standing in the way with His drawn sword in His hand; and he bowed his head and fell flat on his face. And the Angel of the Lord said to him, “Why have you struck your donkey these three times? Behold, I have come out to stand against you, because your way is perverse before Me. The donkey saw Me and turned aside from Me these three times. If she had not turned aside from Me, surely I would also have killed you by now, and let her live.”

And Balaam said to the Angel of the Lord, “I have sinned, for I did not know You stood in the way against me. Now therefore, if it displeases You, I will turn back.”

Then the Angel of the Lord said to Balaam, “Go with the men, but only the word that I speak to you, that you shall speak.” So Balaam went with the princes of Balak.

…And Balaam said to Balak, “Look, I have come to you! Now, have I any power at all to say anything? The word that God puts in my mouth, that I must speak.”…

(The above account was recorded in Numbers 22.)

Winter reminder: The seasons of winter and summer shall not cease.

a Serene beautiful winter.

Lake Tahoe winter
Lake Tahoe Winter

a Cambodian Rice field

Winter reminder: The seasons of winter and summer shall not cease. The ground will not be cursed. Not all living thing will be destroyed. It means some living things will be allowed to survive, at least two seasons will remain and the ground (earth) will not be cursed as long as there are human around to sow and pant and harvest crops. Those who grow plants from the ground will survive. God will give the sowers seeds and the eaters bread according to His words which are forever settled in heaven. These people will have bountiful supplies from heaven and live well.

Genesis 8:21-22
21 And the Lord smelled a soothing aroma. Then the Lord said in His heart, “I will never again curse the ground for man’s sake, although the imagination of man’s heart is evil from his youth; nor will I again destroy every living thing as I have done.

“While the earth remains,
Seedtime and harvest,
Cold and heat,
Winter and summer,
And day and night
Shall not cease.”

Genesis 1:29
And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.
Isaiah 30:23
Then He will give the rain for your seed With which you sow the ground, And bread of the increase of the earth; It will be fat and plentiful. In that day your cattle will feed In large pastures.
2 Corinthians 9:10
Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness,

a thanksgiving letter from Paul is going out all over the world

Paul's thanksgivingThanksgiving power!

AAAA watchman

colossians-316171:1 This letter is from Paul, chosen by the will of God to be an apostle of Christ Jesus, and from our brother Timothy. 2 We are writing to God’s holy people in the city of Colosse, who are faithful brothers and sisters in Christ. May God our Father give you grace and peace.

Paul’s Thanksgiving and Prayer

3 We always pray for you, and we give thanks to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 4 For we have heard of your faith in Christ Jesus and your love for all of God’s people, 5 which come from your confident hope of what God has reserved for you in heaven. You have had this expectation ever since you first heard the truth of the Good News.

6 This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world. It is…

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Fruitfulness: And their fruit shall be for food and their leaves for healing.

Ezekiel 47:12After writing my previous blog on renewal of my prayer and worship life by emulating those missionaries who focus on staying and soaking in the presence of the Lord, I experienced some significant (to me) changes. Here is what happened today.

I had to accompany some guests to a shopping mall for a birthday teen to buy her present. Having waited a long time (like two hours) in some clothes shops, I suggested we walk back to the first one she visited. While waiting on a bench in front of a clothes shop, I noticed a tiny girl in a wheel chair. She seemed tired and making some sounds. Her dad sat next to me. The passers by tried looking in other directions so as not to make his situation more difficult. But I was led in my spirit to start a conversation with him. He told me she is his second daughter, fifteen years old. She has the body and stature of a very young child. He told me she was operated three times, and had chemotherapy for brain tumor at three years old. The treatment affected her bone marrow and stunted her growth. She is now on hormone treatment to help her growth. He told me his three children’s names and their meanings (sun, star, and light). The girl is named after a star. I told him I am a Christian who believes that our God heals, and asked him whether he believes in divine healing and miracles. He said yes. He said he is open to all religions and agreed that I could pray for her. So I shared with him about Jesus and that Jesus saves and heals. Then I prayed for his second daughter. She voluntarily stretched her hands to me and held my hands as I spoke to her, prayed and blessed her.

I told her she has a beautiful name and I thanked our God for creating beautiful things like the sun, the stars and light. She brightened up and smiled. By faith I spoke to the body to be restored to God’s original beautiful creation and design.

After that the dad told me he believes this is not a chance meeting. He is not local. He drove from another town with his family today to visit the eldest daughter who studies in a college here. He was waiting for his wife and eldest daughter who were also shopping in the same shop my guests were shopping. The newly renovated and expanded mall is huge and there are many beautiful branded clothes shops. He said he believed God had arranged this meeting. I too believe the same. After coming out of two other more trendy shops for youngsters with empty hands, I suggested to the teen to return to this particular shop as its name came to my mind for no reason. While the birthday girl and her entourage were giving this more classic shop another try I saw this man and his daughter sitting next to me. This is not a chance meeting. I agree.

This incident confirms to me that going to the secret place of the Father in heaven through prayer and worship opens a new realm of spiritual reality on earth. Where I currently reside, people do not normally go around talking to strangers, volunteering to pray for healing. But this watchman has been convicted to do something that makes a difference, regardless of how the gathering crowd may view or comment. What matters is that the Lord has answered prayers. The prayer of the watchman to be led deeper into the Holy Spirit river of healing and wonders, and the cry of a father to help his daughter. He has waited for twelve years for a breakthrough. His waiting has not been in vain. She can walk, but she needs further strengthening, he said. She also attends a normal school. I pray he and his child will continue to walk by faith, love, and hope.

Here is the assurance from our Lord Jesus:
Mark 5:36, 40-42 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)
36 [a]Overhearing but ignoring what they said, Jesus said to the ruler of the synagogue, Do not be seized with alarm and struck with fear; only keep on believing.
40 And they (others) laughed and [a]jeered at Him. But He put them all out, and, taking the child’s father and mother and those who were with Him, He went in where the little girl was lying.
41 Gripping her [firmly] by the hand, He said to her, Talitha cumi—which translated is, Little girl, I say to you, arise [[b]from the sleep of death]!
42 And instantly the girl got up and started walking around—for she was twelve years old. And they were utterly astonished and overcome with amazement.

Mark 5:36 Some manuscripts so read.
Mark 5:40 G. Abbott-Smith, Manual Greek Lexicon.
Mark 5:41 Joseph Thayer, A Greek-English Lexicon.

Hebrews 7:25 AMPC
Therefore He is able also to save to the uttermost (completely, perfectly, finally, and for all time and eternity) those who come to God through Him, since He is always living to make petition to God and intercede with Him and intervene for them.

Ezekiel 47 (Quoted in parts)
8 Then he said to me, These waters pour out toward the eastern region and go down into the Arabah (the Jordan Valley) and on into the Dead Sea. And when they shall enter into the sea [the sea of putrid waters], the waters shall be healed and made fresh.
9 And wherever the double river shall go, every living creature which swarms shall live. And there shall be a very great number of fish, because these waters go there that [the waters of the sea] may be healed and made fresh; and everything shall live wherever the river goes.
12 And on the banks of the river on both its sides, there shall grow all kinds of trees for food; their leaf shall not fade nor shall their fruit fail [to meet the demand]. Each tree shall bring forth new fruit every month, [these supernatural qualities being] because their waters came from out of the sanctuary. And their fruit shall be for food and their leaves for healing.