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About Missions | Statistics

Christian organizations spend eight billion dollar a year on conferences. Christians make up 33% of the world’s population, but receive 53% of the world’s annual income and spend 98% of … Continue reading

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end times witnessing: a watchman is born

God raises men and women to become His watchman for a season, an appointed time, a specific assignment in their lives. In the Old Testament, the prophets serve as watchmen in … Continue reading

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end times witnessing: a doctor’s attitude

“We write so that you may know the certainty of the things you have been taught.” This is the writer’s attitude of Dr. Luke. He writes with a specific focused … Continue reading

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end times witnessing: always humble, gentle, patient, love.

How shall we love one another in the body of Christ? Today’s prayer is taken from the book of Ephesians chapter four. Paul is in prison for his preaching and … Continue reading


Today’s prayer for favor from God

We all need favor from God. Moses has asked and received great favor from God. Let us find out how he talked to God and how God answered. We learn … Continue reading


End times walking not alone: Christian SWOT analysis

The name of Jesus, “Emmanuel”, means God with us. Walking with Jesus in us means we are not walking alone. Not by our might, nor by our own power, but … Continue reading

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Receive from God: More good gifts!

The verses came out this morning when the watchman used his phone to message his loved ones, sharing how he has received God’s super-abundant supernatural blessings to his prayers. He … Continue reading

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Receive from God: blessings so good

Blessings or curses: you choose. God spoke to His people through Moses. The blessings are really all that a Christian can ever ask for or imagine-like the apostle Paul saying: … Continue reading


End Times Conversation with Jesus: The meek will inherit the land.

Declares the Lord Jesus Christ. “The meek will inherit the land.” There are many examples in the Bible. We read some examples today. Bible verses are quoted in parts with … Continue reading


family of God

Often I see Christians forgetting that their family members are their brothers and sisters in Christ. But they are God’s children and co-heirs with Jesus who is sitting at the … Continue reading


Watchman’s adventure: Zechariah 6 and Revelation 6

Today the watchman was led to read the following verses (both recorded in 6:1-8) on the visions seen by the Prophet Zechariah in Zechariah 6:1-8 and visions seen by the … Continue reading


Watchman’s adventure: a list (1) first thing first

For every believer who wants to walk and live in the Kingdom of God, in the power and authority of Jesus, here is the List (1). A good list to … Continue reading


Watchman’s adventure: end and begin

A brief summary of a watchman’s journal of the last few days of 2015 and the beginning of 2016. Journey for the people of God. On 2015 12/28 Prompted to … Continue reading

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Seeing God: Discourse with Jesus (purpose and power)

God has revealed His purpose and power for us in this New Year’s journey to see God. Three questions are posted here today with answers from Jesus Himself. I have … Continue reading

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Seeing God: Interactive Discourse with Jesus -power and intellect

Today we go interactive in a discourse with the King. King Jesus speaks through asking questions. And all His subjects are required to answer. Why? Questions demand answers. Often He … Continue reading


Watchman’s recommended blog categories n posts

Here are my recommendation of some categories: My recommendations of some blogs (at random): reading


2015 in blogging (a summary)

I want to thank WordPress for the opportunity to blog here. When I first decided to move from my former site in 2009 I chose WordPress because the name “Word” … Continue reading


(updated 12-30-15) chapter 42: finding purpose in life through fasting and prayer

Originally posted on AAA Jack's Watchman Journal:
Update on 2015-12-30:  Another goal for fasting and prayer is to find purpose in life. A good way to set New Year…


(2015 review)Journey on: key words

A review at the year end of 2015: “What have I been (as a person) in 2015 and what am I going to become in 2016?” The YEAR END REVIEW … Continue reading


Behold! The Kingdom of God has come!

The Kingdom of God has come and Christians can live in the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven, just as the prayer that Jesus has taught … Continue reading


(12-22-15) Watchman’s Christmas dream

This morning I woke at 2:44am from a vivid Christmas end time dream of two parts: the first part shows the end time thief who blatantly comes in to steal, … Continue reading


The Best Christmas present from the King: Power for Life

God sent His Christmas present through the preaching of a small church’s junior pastor last Sunday. He was following his routine sermon series throughout the season and finally came to … Continue reading


The message from the real King

Many people at this time want to see what Christians see and to hear what we hear. What do we really see and hear? What message shall we say to … Continue reading


They are like stars for ever

Let us read Daniel today, my spirit cries out. What makes Daniel different and worthy as an individual to be so well recorded in heaven and written with such great … Continue reading


the real birthday of the King

This morning I was woken at 3am and I asked the Lord how Christians are to avoid being drawn into the perilous time this season. Again I was told a … Continue reading

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An Apostle’s letter: How to rejoice in hard time?

“Therefore, my beloved:” From Apostle Paul to you this December. Summary: You all are my beloved. My joy. Stand firm in the Lord Jesus. Stop bickering among yourselves. Be peacemakers. … Continue reading


Bethlehem’s prophecy

What does the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem mean? The Lord will Be Israel’s Shepherd: The prophecy and its fulfillment The Lord is concerned with His flock-Israel’s (His people’s) welfare. … Continue reading


Three perfect storms (3): “Prepared”!

“Prepared” is the only word today to counter the unexpected. This seems paradoxical. How can one be prepared if what will come is unexpected? In the three perfect storm scenarios … Continue reading


Three perfect storms in Bible (2): key success factors

The key success factors used by Jesus (while on earth as a human), Apostle Paul and Prophet Jonah to overcome the raging storm (adversities and adversaries) around them are: Know … Continue reading


Three perfect storms in Bible (1) The Overcomers

What are the three storms recorded in the Bible that still impact our lives today?  What are the common key(s) of overcoming the storms? Reading afresh the respective story of … Continue reading


today’s prayers: More Power Lord

“Father, for my (and my loved ones’) personal walk with You today I ask for spiritual discernment and understanding. I ask for your Spirit to strengthen our inner man, lead … Continue reading

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Purpose of signs: know what God has for you

With the increasing signs of the time, more and more Christians (old and young) are seeking to find and know God’s will and resources for them. Today you will find … Continue reading



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Is God in control of every human event ON EARTH?

This is a controversial topic and Christians are looking for answer. Who is the ruler of this world? Jesus or another ruler? Whose kingdom are Christians in? Are Christians exempted … Continue reading


purpose of signs: be encouraged and strengthened

The signs of God give Christians eternal encouragement and good hope, affirming to us the reality of God in our lives on earth as well as when the end of … Continue reading


Purpose of Signs: Faith and Love Grow

To understand God’s purpose in opening our eyes to see His signs around us in this time, we read 2 Thessalonians 1 today. The Christians in the Thessalonica were godly … Continue reading


Purpose of signs: Living to God

We shall increase our focus on this subject through reading the Word of God so we can live wisely in dangerous time, knowing that the Lord Jesus’ return is closer … Continue reading


the purpose of the signs of God

Because Jesus expects His believers to see the specific signs of God clearly and accurately, we know we can see signs. What is the purpose? So that we can be … Continue reading


Today’s word: “OUGHT”

Today we read one word which not many Christians enjoy, the word “OUGHT”. Why? Because it gives a ‘negative’ connotation of ‘compulsion’. The average natural individual likes to be left … Continue reading


Today’s word: ‘CALLED’

Today’s word: “CALLED”. What does it mean to be called by God? Many are actually called by God (the Holy Spirit) through Jesus to believe in Jesus. The Bible calls … Continue reading


Today’s word: faith

We read a word today: FAITH. We can see faith. Faith in action produces the seen parts of faith. Faith enables us to see the sign of time. Man of … Continue reading

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Journey to see God: thanksgiving reality check

God looks for those He called His faithful people who make a covenant with Him and offer the sacrifices He wants. What are the true sacrifices God looks for? He … Continue reading



Two types of people are looking for signs today. The people of God. The people who do not want God. God is the God Jesus has shown to the people … Continue reading


See the big picture of the prophecy (3): Ezekiel 38-39

Having read Daniel’s prophecies, we read Ezekiel today.The same Bible interpretation key: God is the God of the living just as Jesus has revealed. Pray that the Holy Spirit speaks … Continue reading


See the big picture of the prophecy (two)

Today we read a further chapter of Prophet Daniel. See the big picture in prophecy. The whole human race is in the big picture. Pray that each Bible teacher receives … Continue reading


See the big picture of the prophecy (one)

In the aftermath of recent events, many Bible scholars are reading Daniel today to try to interpret today’s signs. The names of kingdoms and nations then are not as they … Continue reading


Bible prophetic acts

Originally posted on AAA Jack's Watchman Journal:
Further update on 11/17/2015: Time has passed and another spiritual season has since come. Why do prophetic acts today? My own experience…


a powerful hymn : On Christ the solid Rock I stand, All other ground is sinking sand

Originally posted on AAA Jack's Watchman Journal:
Today’s end times hymn: My Hope. Back to the foundation hope of our Christian faith. The urgency of His harvest and the…

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