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A New Direction from Andrew Wommack

A personal note to all my readers from AAA Jack Watchman: I am led to post this following letter of appeal and update as I believe many of you are like … Continue reading

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conversation with a child

“God is good.” I told her. She was upset with God because she thought God was a tyrant who wanted to control, restrict, and punish her if she did not … Continue reading

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conversation with God: about the issue of faith

Lately I was bogged down by the matter of faith, when confronting the attitude of a whole generation of people (especially the younger ones) who choose to walk the path … Continue reading

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Further thought about the thief and stressor

I am prompted to share about work stress today. One common complaint I received from young and old employees in various professions, enterprises, and corporations is there is someone or … Continue reading

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The memory of promises we have made

Today we promise. Promises of the ancients. Promises of Christians and followers of Jesus. Let us be promise keepers. The Vow of the People: four solemn promises to the Lord … Continue reading

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a conversation: Jesus and Matthew

Yesterday I encountered a set-back. Some important documents could not be located at the usual filing place. A locked place accessible to only three persons. I lost my cool because … Continue reading

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Today’s cry is “HOW LONG?” JESUS ASKS CHRISTIANS (HIS DISCIPLES): “HOW LONG?” Matthew 17:17 Then Jesus answered and said, “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with … Continue reading


how to still our wild behavior? Behold, God!

While praying and interceding about a young person’s condition of uncontrollable outbursts of anger, I was shown this hymn by the Lord. Ancient of Days. The words are rich and … Continue reading

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