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“If we do not live in awareness of the end, then our present living is nullified and meaningless –we all live as others live…for self and to please self.” (Jeremiah 8:7)

a day to receive: just ask, seek, knock

A day to receive Good Gifts even though this may not be your birthday. Someone who is able and willing to give you His best gift has made this generous … Continue reading

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This year’s Yom Kippur: life, health and happiness

In less than a month Yom Kippur will arrive. This year’s Yom Kippur will be held on September 22–23, 2015. Those who practice this ritual believe that God will accept … Continue reading

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Journey to see God: God of unfailing love

Guess who was the first person recorded in the Bible to describe God as the God of unfailing love? Abraham’s servant. Genesis 24:12 “O Lord, God of my master, Abraham,” … Continue reading


Journey to see God: God of details

Are Bible details important in our lives? The Holy Spirit has revealed to us how particular is our God with Bible details.Here are some examples. Mark 12:24 Jesus answered and … Continue reading


Watchman: “Morning is coming, but night will soon return.”

All about the watchman’s assignment: (Verses quoted from Isaiah 21) This message came to me concerning Babylon—the desert by the sea: 6 Meanwhile, the Lord said to me, “Put a watchman … Continue reading


the Lord of Heaven’s Armies has laid out his plans

This message came to me concerning Egypt: Look! The Lord is advancing against Egypt,     riding on a swift cloud. The idols of Egypt tremble.     The hearts of the Egyptians melt … Continue reading


Last days’ walk with Jesus: walking and thinking

We continue walking with Jesus in this episode. Today we learn how to think as we walk (putting into action His words) with Him. He is our mind. He is our … Continue reading

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Last days’ walk with Jesus: teaching and walking

Walking with Jesus is indeed wonderful and awesome.Where and how we may walk with Jesus today? What shall we do before we can walk with Jesus? Isaiah 2 New Living … Continue reading


journey to see God: Abraham’s God

Abraham was a man noted of his faith in the unseen God. God was pleased with faith. God rewarded his faith. Why did he have such faith as to obey … Continue reading

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the singers had built themselves villages all around Jerusalem

The singing watchman reads further today on the role and holy and spiritual ministry of singers and songs in the ancient times when priests and Levites were appointed to play … Continue reading

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singing with grace in your heart for God

Today’s message: singing with grace in your heart for God. Character of the New Man 12 Therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, put on tender mercies, kindness, humility, … Continue reading

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What Jesus has said about how a watchman for God watches

How does a watchman for God watch? After all these years, the watchman realizes it is a spiritual and not physical watch that matters. Jesus has spoken clearly that the … Continue reading

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God’s Plumb Line: what does Jesus say about borrowing and lending

This is a continuation of the two former posts on God’s plumbline. We quote what Jesus says in Matthew 18 New King James Version (NKJV). (The watchman’s notes: Observe that … Continue reading

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God’s plumb line: Lawsuits and forgiveness between Christians

Further to the previous post, this post quotes what the New Testament says about law suits between Christians. The Scripture teaches that Christians have another court of justice separate from … Continue reading

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God’s Plumb line: micro-finance or Holy Spirit’s standard?

Being poor is neutral. It does not make one better or worse intrinsically. In the mission field we handle matters concerning the poor. Some missionaries spend their whole mission life … Continue reading

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