a new watchman: Isaiah 21 the morning comes

Today’s reading was based on what the senior watchman intercessor had taught us many years ago. She spoke on the calling of a watchman. She spoke of the ministry of a watchman. This following verse was fully and freshly explained like never before to those of us who attended her class:
The watchman said,
The morning comes, and also the night.
If you will inquire, inquire;
Return! Come back!”

A brief summary of what we have learned then (as ‘recalled’ now, with added notes as now perceived further in our spirit):

  1. To many, this set of prophetic verses below may seem bad news. The message foretells bad news to some (nations/people)
  2. There will be indeed a bad time of ‘night’ coming to this world and individual (nations/people).
  3. But there is also a prophecy concerning an interval period of ‘good time’ in the form of ‘morning’!
  4. Many tend to look for bad news from a prophet (watchman).
  5. But the watchman in the above verse speaks from what he or she has heard and seen through the spiritual eyes (given by God). He cannot add or minus from the original messages or visions he hears or sees.
  6. So the faithful and accurately discerning watchman speaks of the ‘morning’ between the ‘nights’. (The key for each individual is to ask God what to do during this brief appointed good time in the kingdom of God, and do them.)
  7. The watchman also warns of those who want to ask of God but are impatient to get away. Always ask with a waiting attitude and listen the full message. Don’t listen to half and leave hastily for it will not be accurate. God sees and is concerned with the big picture, Never assume matters of God (don’t limit God with our own mind)!

_________________Isaiah 21:11-17

Proclamation Against Edom

11 The burden against Dumah.

He calls to me out of Seir,
Watchman, what of the night?
Watchman, what of the night?”
12 The watchman said,
“The morning comes, and also the night.
If you will inquire, inquire;
Return! Come back!”

Proclamation Against Arabia

13 The burden against Arabia.

In the forest in Arabia you will lodge,
O you traveling companies of Dedanites.
14 O inhabitants of the land of Tema,
Bring water to him who is thirsty;
With their bread they met him who fled.
15 For they fled from the swords, from the drawn sword,
From the bent bow, and from the distress of war.

16 For thus the Lord has said to me: “Within a year, according to the year of a hired man, all the glory of Kedar will fail; 17 and the remainder of the number of archers, the mighty men of the people of Kedar, will be diminished; for the Lord God of Israel has spoken it.

isaiah watchman what of the night


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